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As the gaming industry continues to attract users from all age groups, it is little wonder that the cryptocurrency sector is adding fuel to this fire. Even for avid gamers, cryptogames can be unfamiliar territory. For instance, you must have a cryptocurrency balance to get into crypto gaming. So, read on and find out all you need to know about the cryptogames phenomenon.

Understanding Cryptogames

Cryptogames are a very recent entrant in the gaming market. Hence, it is no wonder that there is no one definition of the term ‘Crypto-game’. Broadly speaking, these are online games that involve storing crypto tokens on a distributed ledger residing on top of a cryptocurrency network. The setup allows the trade of game items using cryptocurrency assets. The crypto tokens can be further converted and exchanged for fiat currency.

How Do Crypto Games Work?

Online gamers adopt monetization strategies as in-app, advertising, purchases, and referral marketing. These in-app purchases can help players purchase directly within the game. These can include coins, custom characters, and extra lives. Likewise, online bitcoin games allow players to make purchases using crypto tokens.

Also, most cryptogames are based on a ‘collectible element’. However, it is essential to remember that we are still in the first generation of crypto gaming. Therefore, as the industry matures, it is likely to include more attractive genres and themes.

How are Crypto Games Different From Regular Online Games?

Blockchain games or crypto games work on the same chance-based mechanics as regular online games. The central point of difference is that most cryptogames do not accept traditional currencies. The transactions take place in Ethereum-based tokens. Moreover, popular crypto games also conform to the standard definitions of online gaming and gambling like roulette, casino, blackjack, video poker, etc. It makes crypto games and online games more alike than different.

Moreover, an increasing number of online gamers are looking towards cryptocurrency to tackle problems pertaining to frauds and transactions that players are subjected to in online games. The decentralized setup of cryptocurrency gaming helps increase transparency and improve the ownership level of players. Streamlined payments also improve cross-game compatibility.


How To Begin Playing?

There are a few prerequisites before you can get active on the crypto platform. These include,

Owning Cryptocurrency

Unlike mainstream gaming, cryptogames require the user to transact in crypto tokens. And as most of the popular games here are based on the stable Ethereum blockchain, you must have Ether (ETH) tokens to play. You can open an account by registering at a reputed crypto platform like www.coincasso.com and convert your fiat currency for cryptocurrency. Registering at our cryptocurrency exchange https://app.coincasso.com/login is extremely convenient and secure.

Storing Cryptocurrency

Ensure that you store your currency in the correct type of crypto wallet to keep it safe, secure, and accessible. Digital wallets are the best option in today’s tech-driven environments.

Selecting Crypto Game

Finally, you are all set to select the crypto game that you want to play. Bear in mind that crypto gaming is not as well-settled as the mainstream online gaming sector. It is still in its nascent stages; as a result, most games are in beta (or even alpha) versions. Bugs and disrupted gaming experiences are reasonably often.

However, by becoming an avid crypto gamer, you are indirectly helping the larger crypto gaming community and developers assess the best way forwards. Your user feedback can help them decide what features to enhance and which ones to omit fully.

Playing Cryptogames

Top 10 Blockchain-based Games

#10 Ethermon

Designed on the lines of popular mainstream online game Pokemon, Ethermon is a monster-world-based game that allows the players to collect and train different monsters as they progress within the game. Ethermon’s popularity lies in its augmented reality experience.

#9 Crypto Dozer

Crypto Dozer is your regular Coin Pusher with a crypto twist where you drop the coins and collect the dolls. Each doll carries a value that can be converted to ETH tokens. These values differ with each doll. The values of dolls increase as your rankings improve. Crypto Dozer is one of the few popular cryptogames that can be enjoyed on mobile phones as well as PCs.


#8 Splinterlands

Splinterlands operates on the Steem blockchain. As a card battling game, each card functions as a collectible component that you can own and store on the blockchain. It is yours to trade or exchange and buy as you wish. On the downside, the game is only compatible with a web browser mode. Even though it has Pokemon-like elements which make you want to play it on the go, the browser limitations are disappointing. The theme of the game is exciting, where players are exposed to different kingdoms that they must fight through to win and progress within the game.


#7 Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a trading cards game, much like the popular mainstream online game, Hearthstone. However, each type of card is an ERC 721 token component. As players progress within the game, they acquire collectible card packs, building decks of rare cards. These cards, essentially, are crypto assets that are owned fully by the player. These can be easily traded and exchanged on the blockchain. The exciting game can be played on a single or multiple player mode with weekly competitions. With a fifteen million dollar funding, the Gods Unchained crypto game has a bright future.


#6 Forgotten Artifacts

The dungeon crawl-based treasure-hunt game is ideal for those looking for endless adventure. The players embark on an exciting quest to unearth forgotten artifacts hidden in intriguing places in order to win the game. As they taste success, they gather ERC-1155 tokens.

Although the crypto game is based on a popular theme, users must have an Enjin wallet to play this game and store their ERC-1155 tokens. This is the only way for players to trade their cryptocurrency tokens on the blockchain.

#5 OxUniverse

Box universe is an imaginative blockchain-based game taking the players into outer space.  The game aims to acquire and colonize other planets by building spaceships to explore the OxUniverse. Hear, all planets come with their unique set of characters, resources, and elements, making each experience different. The collectibles and the value earned during the course of the game are stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Hence, players have easy access to their earnings.

#4 Neon District

The Neon District is the blockchain’s answer to Blade Runner, Final Fantasy, and other such Cyberpunk games that have continued to attract gamers from different age groups and backgrounds.

While there is nothing uniquely new about this Cyberpunk RPG-based crypto game, it is the very familiarity that keeps the players hooked on it for a long time. The game works on the core principles of strategic planning and fighting to rise as the King of the Neon District in order to win the game. As you fight, you collect different character components increasing your strength, status, and abilities.

#3 EOS Knight

At number 3, we have the EOS blockchain-based game mobile game EOS Knight. The game is popular within the crypto gaming industry as it is easy to play and is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. Users preferring a browser experience can play this game using a Chrome extension.

Considering that the EOS blockchain is at the helm of the decentralized app (dApps) development space, it is no surprise that the in-house developed game is designed to attract a wide range of players.

As a righteous Knight, the game gives players a chance to win by fighting evil using different elements and settings. And as you play, you can collect, exchange, buy, and trade EOS-based items using smart contracts.


#2 Mythereum

At the second spot, we recommend the 2018 collectible card game Mythereum. As the first-ever trading card game on the Ethereum blockchain, Mythereum certainly deserves a place in the top 3.

The game motivates players to keep their characters alive in order to win, much like Pokemon or The Gathering. Like these games, players in Mythereum begin with Survivor edition cards awarded fully free of charge. Different level cards have other tapping limits. The higher you go, your capping limit increases from 30 to 50000 cards.

It is vital for the place to remember that these cards are blockchain assets. Users can withdraw and store them on their Ethereum wallet to change or convert them into regular currencies at any time.

#1 Spells Of Genesis

Spells of Genesis is built on blockchain technology allowing users to trade orbs or collect them as they move up in their gameplay journey. Gamers can test and establish game-play decks in this world of Askian.

Spells of Genesis makes it to our top spot purely because it is the first-ever role-playing game (RPG) in the cryptocurrency gaming market. This Bitcoin game comprises entertainment elements of trading cards as well as standard arcade features. What’s more? Spells of Genesis is entirely free, making it an excellent entry point for first-time Bitcoin gamers.

Spells of Genesis allows players to award tides and items that they can collect by winning.  Interestingly these collectibles belong entirely to the prayers and can be stored on the blockchain. In other words, spells of Genesis works as a barrier entrant for anyone interested in stacking up Bitcoin (BTC). But that’s not all. Like most other cryptogames, users can exchange or withdraw the crypto elements and convert them into fiat currencies.


#Bonus CoinsLoot with “provably fair” algorithm

At the end, take a look at CoinsLoot. It’s not a cryptogame. It’s something more! CoinsLoot is the first of its type, a blockchain-based decentralized network that allows users to buy loot boxes with USDT, an ERC-20, and then open them to discover a prize. The mechanism is similar to the swap mechanism used on common exchanges, but CoinsLoot has added fun and entertainment to it while still enabling users to get their favorite cryptos and diversify their portfolio. The best part is that you cannot receive an item worth less than your initial deposit! You pay only 10% fee for open loot boxes.

One of the driving forces behind CoinsLoot’s creation was to bring spice to the process of crypto trading and investing. People will have more fun selling crypto with a reward-based scheme and they will be able to get free crypto and/or real-world products.

What is more, CoinsLoot is nominated for the “Best NFT project of the year” at AIBC Summit Dubai!

So, How Do You Make Money From Crypto Games?

As you can see, earning tokens is a crucial element of all popular crypto games. While in some games, you can also mine tokens; most allow you to convert the accumulated values into crypto assets that can be stored on the blockchain. Ideally, every player must research and store their crypto assets within a secure wallet, preferably online, for maximum security.

The tokens thus earned are wholly owned by the player. The player can trade them for other cryptocurrency assets or keep them and withdraw against fiat currencies.

Cryptocurrency and The Gaming Industry

As crypto games evolve and improve, cryptocurrency is already making deep inroads within the mainstream online games. The decentralized platform of crypto assets is ideal for resolving several incumbent problems, including frauds. Some significant benefits of using cryptocurrency within the online gaming industry are discussed below.

Real-time Transactions

Without intermediaries and third parties, the transactions between 2 parties are almost instantly without any delay. The removal of intermediaries also allows players to access their games faster. Plus, gaming developers are free to sell their software with a blockchain environment even outside of the app store arena.


The online gaming world is replete with frauds and stolen identity issues. Unlike the crypto games, users must make online purchases giving their details. With cryptocurrency as the mode of transactions, online purchases within the game are more secure. Plus, it prevents any hacking or illegal trading of assets.

Blockchain Technology Concept

Ease and Flexibility

Cryptocurrency does away with geographical and digital limitations allowing players to play internationally without compromising their security or facing high exchange rates. As a global currency, crypt tokens provide gamers with the flexibility to withdraw funds from anywhere without facing standard fiat currency restrictions.

Prevent Identity Theft

Few online games work towards keeping your identity as secure and safe as your money. On the other hand, online cryptogames allow users a more safe and comfortable environment to share their information and data securely. The anonymous nature of blockchain allows the purchases to be discrete, to say the least.

Enhanced Value

There is no doubt that transactions conducted in cryptocurrencies are far more cost-effective than traditional methods, including bank transfers and credit cards. Tokens like Bitcoin (BTC) do not come with any hidden fees, and the money transfers immediately. There are no exchange costs or handling fees. Therefore, it is certainly a more trusting environment for developers and players alike. You can enjoy the benefits of online gaming using cryptocurrency first-hand by opening an account at https://app.coincasso.com/login.

Final Thoughts

We are far from the days when cryptocurrency was perceived as complex technology, limited to the developer domain. While it is still reasonably technical, no doubt, but the crypto gaming industry has expanded the reach of blockchain into the hands of an average online gamer. The benefits for players and gamers are endless. Overall, the crypto game world has immense potential to modify and improve the entire gaming experience of players. However, most games are still in alpha and beta stages, so we are yet to see the best of the bunch.

Do you like cryptogames? Have you played any of these cryptogames?

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