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Are you hungry for the next news from the cryptocurrency world? Recently, there are a lot of exciting events happening! There will be a new token in Poland called CoperniCoin, JP Morgan creates its own cryptocurrency, cryptocurrencies are rising, Opera is going to enable buying ETH via a mobile application. Check out the information below:

JP Morgan with its own cryptocurrency

JP Morgan announced introducing its cryptocurrency. It becomes the first American investment bank to implement a virtual currency.

It is quite controversial information given the fact that for a long time, this company has been firmly against cryptocurrencies and especially Bitcoin. Its CEO, Jamie Dimon, was even called a “black character” on the crypto scene. In 2017, he called Bitcoin “a scam”. Recently, we have also informed that JP Morgan analysts predict Bitcoin price to decrease below 1300 USD.

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Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship in Poland is about to present a new token!

We have exciting news for our readers from Poland! Warmian-Masurian Marshal Office is about to launch a digital token called CoperniCoin. Sounds like a joke? It isn’t!

CoperniCoin will not have a speculative character but will be somewhat focused on promoting this beautiful region full of lakes. People will be able to get tokens thanks to participating in contests, different events and by visiting touristic attractions.

Cryptocurrencies in the full force

Last two weeks have been perfect for cryptocurrencies when it comes to their price. Bitcoin price increased by about 300 USD and Ethereum over 10%. One of the most rising cryptocurrencies is Holo, which we have put in our article 5 cryptocurrencies to invest for 2019. Its price increased this year about three times! Litecoin is also growing in strength; its price increased this year by about 50%.

Lightning Network also rises

Last month was very good for Lightning Network, which is a “Layer-2” payment protocol operating on a top of the blockchain. The number of nodes increased by 6,085 (14% growth), and channels by 24,647 (27.2%). The capacity of Lightning Network has also faced an increase – by almost 660 Bitcoins (15%).

Overstock CEO: Blockchain may rescue Venezuela

“We could step into Venezuela with six laptops and create not only a functioning society but arguably one with the most advanced government systems in the world’,” said Patrick Byrne, Overstock founder. Overstock is an American Internet retailer based in Utah, USA. Byrne suggests a radical transformation of government via blockchain.

“We could bring them a central bank on the laptop. Everyone in Venezuela downloads a free app, and suddenly you have the most advanced monetary system on the planet.”, he continued.

The founder of QuadrigaCX died. Almost 200 million dollars are frozen

An unfortunate information – it is confirmed that the founder of Quadriga CX cryptocurrency exchange, Gerald Cotten, died on December 9th, 2018. The death certificate was made available by his widow. It is still unclear what will happen to users’ funds because access data have been lost and nearly 200 million dollars have been frozen. Ernst & Young company deals with the investigation in this matter.

Mobile version of Opera enabled buying Ethereum

Opera browser puts the next steps to bring it to the Web 3.0 software era. It has been announced that the mobile version of Opera intended for Android allowed users from Scandinavia to buy ETH directly through the application.

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