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Our team is extremely happy to let you know that from now on you can enjoy new deposit 💸 method on!

Fast and cost-efficient deposit solution is waiting for you!

Metamask & CoinCasso

Send you assets to CoinCasso platform via Ethereum blockchain by connecting your Metamask!

Fast, safe & super cost efficient

Make sure that you create new Ethereum address for deposits, as the old one will not be operational anymore

Try it now on in 4 easy steps:

  1. Go to Wallet and choose currency.
  2. Make sure You have Metamask installed and click ‘Connect Metamask’ button 🦊
  3. Confirm ownership of Your wallet by clicking button ‘Confirm Ownership’🔐
  4. Insert amount of currency You want to deposit and click ‘Deposit’ button

ccx metamask deposit


What is the fee for a deposit with MetaMask?

The deposit fee using MetaMask is 0%. You can see the current amount of commission by clicking on Wallets and selecting a specific cryptocurrency.

How long does it take to transfer funds with MetaMask on CoinCasso?

The time for sending funds is approximately 6 confirmations (approximately 2 minutes). The time depends on the current network load. You can see the current time of transferring funds by clicking on Wallets and selecting a specific cryptocurrency.

What is MetaMask?

Metamask is a browser extension for Google Chrome, Vivaldi, Firefox and Opera that allows you to connect your web application to the Ethereum blockchain. Read more about Metamask at our Blockchain Academy.

What cryptocurrencies available on CoinCasso does MetaMask support?

CoinCasso deposit with Metamask is available for: Binance Coin, Basic Attention Token, CCX token, Chainlink, Havven, Serum, Swipe, Unibright, Uniswap, Tether, Loot Token.

Does MetaMask support Bitcoin?

No, Metamask cannot store Bitcoin.

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