How to withdraw CCX tokens to CoinCasso 2.0 Exchange | CoinCasso Exchange

I. From to CoinCasso Exchange 2.0
1) Log in to
2) From the left side menu choose: Money -> Withdraw -> From: CCX Wallet

ico coincasso ccx token withdraw
If you don’t have an account on 2.0, register here:

4) Click “Add New” and fill in the data
In the CCX field fill in the CCXWallet address copied from 2.0 and confirm the PIN number. Then, click “Save”.

deposit address your ccx on coincasso exchange

how to withdraw erc 20 tokens
5) Back to Money -> Withdraw
6) Tap in the amount, PIN number and click “Withdraw

get free tokens cryptocurrency ico
7) Wait for the confirmation email with the code. If you don’t receive the email, check the SPAM folder
8) Check if you received the money

II. From CCWallet to CoinCasso Exchange 2.0
1) Open the CCWallet Mobile App
2) Open the ETH wallet, which you have your CCX tokens in

ccwallet ethereum address how to withdraw
3) Make sure that you have enough ETH to pay the fee. Click CCX.

transfer your funds from bitcoin wallet to exchange
4) Choose the amount and click “Send to

amount of your funds mobile wallet
5) Copy the CCX wallet address from CoinCasso 2.0 or paste to CCWallet or USE A QR CODE AS WELL and click “Confirm

ccx price token exchange mobile app
6) Enter in settings and set the Gas Limit to 25000 and the Gas Price to 20

confirmation transaction blockchain wallet

gas price cryptocurrency network eth
7) Click “Advance” to come back to “Confirmation”, check the data

send confirmation ccwallet your bitcoin wallet
8) Click “Send
9) Wait 🙂

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