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Your wallet holds cryptocurrencies and you are wondering how to withdraw your funds? There are several ways to withdraw bitcoins – get to know them and withdraw bitcoin whenever you want.

How to withdraw bitcoin? 3 ways:

A cryptocurrency exchange is a good place to invest, but every investor – both beginner and experienced – wants to withdraw Bitcoin (BTC) at some point. Is BTC withdrawal possible at an ATM? How to do it?

Bitcoin withdrawal in ATMs – bitomats

It is possible to withdraw BTC directly at an ATM, but this includes special ATMs designed to buy and sell bitcoins. Machines are located all over Poland in the number of 40. The demand for bitcoins among bitcoin owners is constantly growing. It can therefore be expected that the number of machines will also increase in the coming years.

How to withdraw bitcoin in bitomats? Click the “Sell Bitcoin” button, enter the amount you want to withdraw, confirm it and select the authentication method – this can be verification via SMS or email address.

After a few seconds, you will get a code that must be entered on the screen. In the next step, scan the QR code with your wallet and transfer the funds. After confirmation, click the “Sell Bitcoin” button again and use the authentication operation for the second time. If you go through it successfully, the bitomat will pay you cash. The downside of this solution is the payment of a few percent commission (on average from 3 to 5%).

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Bitcoin withdrawal to a bank account

Bitcoin withdrawal can also be done by transferring cryptocurrencies to a bank account and withdrawing cash at traditional ATMs. It is definitely a more convenient and cheaper option if there is no bitomat near where you live. cryptocurrency exchange is one of the places where such a transfers are possible. All you need to do is log in to your Exchange account, select the “Wallet” option, select the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, paste the data into your account (withdrawal address) and confirm the transfer of funds. You can use the QR code to withdraw bitcoin to your account.

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Bitcoin withdrawal in a cryptocurrency exchange office

The third solution is bitcoin exchange offices – they exist both on the Internet and stationary. When withdrawing bitcoin in an exchange office, it is worth remembering that anonymity is only valid up to the amount of EUR 15,000. Transactions exceeding this amount are additionally verified and require the sharing of personal data. The second important issue is the bitcoin rate, which is set by the owner of the exchange office. In addition, withdrawals at the exchange office are convenient, popular and safe. Like bitmates and exchanges, a cryptocurrency exchange office is also a place where you can purchase cryptocurrencies.

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How to withdraw bitcoin and get the cash? The simplest and proven methods are Bitson (BTC) withdrawal in an ATM called a bitomat, that requires prior transfer of bitcoins to a personal account, and a withdrawal in a cryptocurrency exchange office. With the growing interest in the cryptocurrency market, the withdrawal methods are sure to multiply. Use and stay up to date with all the news. Learn, among others what affects the cryptocurrency rate, what is Bitcointalk and how to effectively secure cryptocurrencies.

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