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Welcome to the next part of CoinCasso explainers! Recently, we released our new wallet app – CCWallet! In this episode, we will explain how to create your own wallet, make a backup and get a public & private key. Let’s go!


How to create a new wallet, make a backup and get a public key?

1. Open CCWallet app and create a 6-digit PIN code.

pincode bitcoin mobile wallet application
2. Click “Create a new wallet”.

create your bitcoin address
3. Choose the cryptocurrency you want to have stored in your wallet. If you want to have ERC-20 tokens stored, choose Ethereum.

bitcoin ccwallet download blockchain app
4. Type your wallet name and click “Create”.

name wallet mobile app cryptocurrency
5. Unlock your wallet with a previously chosen 6-digit number. You can also use biometrics for verification.

pin to your bitcoin wallet
6. Click “backup”.

how to use ethereum wallet
7. Unlock your wallet again (6-digit code).

pin to your ethereum wallet
8. Then, you will be asked to save your recovery phrase in case you lose your phone. Click “got it” to proceed to this step.

make a backup btc eth wallet
9.  A screen will open with 12 different words given in a certain order. Save these phrases in a safe place – you will be prompted to provide them in the next step!

recovery phrase bitcoin address mobile wallet

10. Verify the recovery phrase that you have saved in a secure place earlier.

fill the recovery phrase mobile app
11. Congratulations! You have done a successful backup. Click “Got it”.

backup complete ccwallet mobile app
12. Click on the QR Code thumbnail to view your public key.

how to use cryptocurrency wallet

13. You can copy your public key by clicking “Share”.

qr code ethereum wallet address

How to get a private key?

1. Go back to settings. Click “Manage Wallets”.

settings bitcoin account ccwallet
2. Click the name of your wallet.

manage your bitcoin ethereum wallet
3. Click “Export Private Key”.

ethereum wallet address mobile app
4. Read the warning and click “Continue”. You will see your private key. Please be very careful with it!

how to use crypto mobile wallet
5. Get your private key.

your private key ethereum wallet

That’s it! Have a great experience using our app!

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