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After the launch of CoinCasso 2.0, it’s time to slowly say goodbye to CoinCasso 1.0. Seeing just how different both systems are, we kindly ask our clients from CC 1.0 to transfer all of their crypto assets to CC 2.0 before CoinCasso 1.0 gets closed.

When will you be closing CoinCasso 1.0?

CoinCasso 1.0 will be closed on the 25th of October 2019.

I have a CoinCasso 1.0 account, do I need a new one for CoinCasso 2.0?

Yes, due to both platforms being so different in their architecture, we require our users to create a new account for CC 2.0.

Which cryptocurrency pairs are currently being supported by CoinCasso 2.0?

Currently we only support transfers of Bitcoin and Ethereum. If you want to transfer Euro – please pay it out from your CoinCasso 1.0 account to your bank account, next send the Euro from your bank to your CoinCasso 2.0 account.

How do I transfer my cryptocurrency from CoinCasso 1.0 to CoinCasso 2.0?
      • First log into your CoinCasso 2.0 account. login to cryptocurrency exchange platform
      • From your Dashboard, select the Wallets option. bitcoin wallet crypto exchange coincasso
      • Here, select which cryptocurrency you’d like to transfer. In our example we used ETH. eth deposit address coincasso exchange
      • Once selected, you’ll be given a “Deposit address” on the right, this is what’s needed to send you funds to your account. Copy this address and save it somewhere for later. eth deposit address coincasso crypto exchange
      • Now log out of your CoinCasso 2.0 account and log in to your CoinCasso 1.0 account – we will transfer your funds from there. login bitcoin trading platform coincasso
      • On the Dashboard scroll down and select a tile with the cryptocurrency you wish to send – in our example we will be sending ETH. Select “Withdraw”. wallet balance eth coincasso old layout
      • In “Send Amount” type in how much you’d like to send from your CC 1.0 account to CC 2.0. send amount transaction ethereum bitcoin coincasso
      • In “Your Bitcoin Address” paste the previously copied “Deposit address” – make sure it’s the right one, you will be sending your money there. bitcoin address withdraw coincasso exchange
        • And, last, select “Send Now” to finish the process. Now your money has been transferred from CoinCasso 1.0 to CoinCasso 2.0! send transaction bitcoin ethereum trading platform


I missed the date! How can I transfer my CoinCasso 1.0 funds after October 25th 2019?

Don’t worry – please contact us at [email protected] and we will help!


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