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After launching Blockchain Academy, we start with the parallel series in which we explain briefly the functionalities of CoinCasso holistic project. How to register on our exchange? How to deposit and withdraw? How to put an offer on the market? Which cryptocurrencies are listed on the CoinCasso Exchange? Below are simple explanations. If you have any doubts, tell us in comments or contact our support: [email protected]

How to register on

1) Visit
2) Click “Register” in the right upper corner of the webpage.
3) Fill in all fields in the pop-up: Username, E-mail Address, Password, Repeat Password.


trading on exchange platform how to

4) Tick “I agree to terms & conditions” on the left side and confirm that you are not a robot on the right.
5) Click “Create Account”.
6) Check your mailbox – you should receive an automatic message with an activation link from us – please confirm your e-mail.

crypto exchange how to buy bitcoin

If you haven’t received your activation link, check your spam folder. If there is no e-mail, please contact our support: [email protected]

7) You should be redirected to webpage. Please login to your account.

How to verify an account?

1) If you are not logged in, go to Cryptocurrency Exchange CoinCasso and login.
2) Click “Verify now” button on the Dashboard.

how to trade cryptocurrency exchange platform
3) Step 1 (Profile Verification): Fill in all required fields.
4) Step 2 (ID Verification): Add your ID and address proof photos.

bitcoin exchange trading platform how to buy sell
5) Wait for the administrator confirmation. You should get an e-mail from us when it’s done.

how to trade bitcoin tutorial
6) Your account is verified now.


How to deposit FIAT into your account?

2) Then, click “Wallet” on the navigation bar (upper right corner of the page).
3) From the menu below, choose “Deposit”.
how to deposit funds bitcoin platform
4) Fill in the deposit information (first red label).
5) Deposit funds into the Bank account given in a second red label.
6) Click “Deposit Now” (third red label).
7) Please wait for the confirmation mail.
how to trade on coincasso exchange

How to deposit cryptocurrency into your account?

2) Choose “Wallet” section from the navigation bar.
3) Choose “Receive” option from the menu below.
balance on the ethereum account trading platform
4) Choose cryptocurrency from the drop-down menu.
5) Withdraw your funds from your wallet to the appeared address. You can also use QR code.

How to put an offer on the market (sell/buy offer)?

2) Choose the “Trade” section in the navigation bar.
3) Choose a market.
 trading pair crypto exchange
4) Enter an amount and a price.
order market bitcoin exchange
5) Click buy / sell button.
6) You can check your order history here:
trade history bitcoin address

How to transfer cryptocurrency to another account (withdraw funds)?

2) Choose “Wallet” from the navigation bar. Then choose “Send” from the menu below.
cryptocurrency transaction how to trade
3) Choose cryptocurrency from the drop-down menu.
4) Enter your wallet address.
5) Click “Send Now”.
6) Confirm your e-mail.
confirmation crypto transaction platform
7) Please wait until admin confirms your request.


Now you are ready to trade! Have a great experience on! Remember that it still a beta version of our exchange. In the upcoming months, we plan to introduce CoinCasso Exchange 2.0. Stick with us!

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