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1. How to login to CoinCasso 2.0:

a) If you had a CoinCasso 1.0 account, please visit: and provide an email address in the login page, click NEXT, after that select FORGOT PASSWORD, put in an e-mail address used to register to CoinCasso 1.0, and then select SEND E-MAIL WITH PASSWORD.
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b) Check your inbox, you should receive an email from us containing a link that allows you to reset your password – click on it.
c) Please enter your new password, next type it once again to validate that no mistakes were made.
d) Log in, using your new password.

*2FA on 1.0 doesn’t work on 2.0. It has to be set one more time. In case the 2FA is not set you can skip this field. In case you have 2FA set you have to write it down here.

2fa token login coincasso bitcoin exchange

*You can find this code in authenticator app. The code is generated in every 30 seconds.

2. What to do after logging in?

a) Enable 2FA (Two-Factor-Authentication), so that your password remains as secure as possible (remember about password strength) (Profile > Security)
crypto exchange profile coincasso

b) Fill out your personal information (Profile > Profile)
how to login coincasso exchange

c) Go through the KYC process (Profile > Verification) (please double-check the personal info you provided in step b), add scans of documents (1: photo of ID or passport, from the front, with name and surname, date of birth and other data clearly visible, 2: proof of place of residence (driver’s license, bank statement, any official document with residence address), 3: a selfie photo with the current date, with you holding your ID or passport in a visible way)
kyc process bitcoin trading platform

3. How to transfer CCX to CoinCasso 2.0

a) Visit the WALLETS section
b) Select CCX
wallet deposit address coincasso exchange

c) From the wallet where your CCX are located, send the tokens to the correct address (you can scan a QR code for that)
d) Congratulations!

4. How to freeze tokens?

step 1 2 how to login cryptocurrency exchangestep 3 4 bitcoin trading platform coincasso

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