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How to stake CCX tokens?

Do you want to know what crypto staking is? It’s a process that has many benefits. Read this article and learn more about it, especially for the CCX tokens of the CoinCasso crypto exchange platform. What is staking? Stacking is

How to get 20% of bonus CCX tokens?

1. Open the account. 2. Get through the KYC process. 3. Buy bitcoin for EUR or PLN on our cryptocurrency exchange. 4. Transfer your money from our exchange on 5. Buy CCX tokens by possessed bitcoins. 6. You will

What are the benefits of freezing CCX tokens?

As CoinCasso 2.0 finally enters its beta phase, we decided to create a short article clearly explaining how freezing of CCX tokens works and what are the expected benefits of owning our tokens in the upcoming future. What are frozen

Change of minimum number of CCX Tokens

Dear Users! Today, we have a very important message for you regarding the issue of the minimum number of tokens that are required to participate in the distribution of profits. Let us recall that the foregoing number, in accordance with

Exclusive meeting of CoinCasso promotion leaders in our new office!

Soon, the CoinCasso delegation will attend the “economic event of the year” – Davos Conference Week. However, before we fly to Switzerland, last Friday, it was time to organise a meeting of our promotion leaders from various corners – from

Top 10 moments from autumn in CoinCasso Group!

We’ve done a lot this fall! Check out the summary of the most interesting events related to our company during this period: 1. We released CoinCasso Exchange Beta! After acquiring a license in August, our European cryptocurrency exchange platform CoinCasso

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