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The safety of your finances is important to us!

When creating an account on cryptocurrency exchange, you must remember that you will be depositing your funds here. We have introduced a number of safeguards so that you can be sure about it. However, to be 100% sure that your finances are safe, you need to take care of a few things such as: strong password, two-factor authentication and regular monitoring of account activity.

How to secure an account on CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange?

To take care of your safety and your finances, it is very important to keep your account well protected, as you will be keeping your money here just like you do in a bank.

Strong password

The key to your account securing is using a strong password.

What does a good password look like?

  • It consists of at least 8 characters
  • It contains both lowercase and uppercase letters as well as numbers and special characters
  • It should not contain fragments of the login or be associated with it
  • It should be used only on the CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange
  • It should be properly stored (if you have many passwords and cannot remember them all, use the password manager)
  • Avoid common passwords like 0000, abcd, zaq12wsx, date of birth, registration number of your car or address in the password

2FA methods – two-factor login

Two-factor login methods significantly improve the security of your account. In addition to entering data such as login and password, you will have to enter an additional code that you will receive by SMS or will be generated by Google Authenticator.

SMS authorization

A quick and simple login authorization method that significantly increases the security of your account. Each login to panel will require a code that you will receive via SMS to the number provided during registration. Thanks to this, you will always receive a notification on your phone when someone tries to log in to your account.

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a mobile application that you can download from your Google Play or App Store. Then you need to connect it to the CoinCasso website and add it to the list of supported websites.

From now on, when logging in to the platform, you will have to enter an additional code, which will be generated by the Google Authenticator application.

2FA password reset

If you need a 2FA reset, follow the instructions and contact us by email at [email protected]


In the main panel of your profile, at the bottom of the page, you have a section containing information on recent logins, logged in devices and the use of API keys. Monitor these data on an ongoing basis, and in case of any suspicious activity, report it to us immediately!

Profile verification and KYC

The KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure is needed if you want to buy cryptocurrency for fiat on the CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange. This procedure allows us to identify our clients, which increases the level of security of the exchange. The main reason for using KYC is anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing. By using KYC profile verification, we reduce the risk of suspicious persons or sanctioned movements appearing on the exchange.

After creating your account, start the verification procedure. It consists of sending a scan of your identity document (ID card or passport) and a document confirming your address (e.g. gas or electricity bill).

All data you send to us is safe and stored in accordance with the GDPR policy.

Security of funds – security

The safety of your finances is ensured, among others, thanks to:

  • Serverless technology
  • Transparency – all transactions are saved on the blockchain
  • 24/7 support – you can contact our qualified team at any time to answer all your questions
  • Account suspension – If we detect suspicious activity on your account, we will suspend it until the matter is resolved
  • The exchange platform uses SSL encryption
  • The website has a number of security measures, e.g. against DDOS attacks
  • Authorization of transfers by employees
  • Backup
  • Keeping crypto in cold wallets

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