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No, CoinCasso is not a SCAM. Many people accuse blockchain and cryptocurrency projects of being SCAM, although they are not. CoinCasso is transparent, has a transparent white paper, and transaction fees are precisely described. 

No, CoinCasso is not a fraud. There are real people behind CoinCasso whose faces you can see on our website. We have over 50k satisfied users and their number is constantly growing. In 2020, even the football club Paris Sain-Germain trusted us, and new and interesting partnerships will appear soon.

Cryptocurrency CoinCasso is not a SCAM, but sometimes scammers try to impersonate our company. Remember that none of us will ever  contact you on social media – never give anyone your details or passwords to the exchange.

[SCAM ALERT] There are many accounts on Facebook trying to impersonate our cryptocurrency exchange. They share profile photos of people who liked our official site, informing about the alleged win. Don’t be fooled! Never click on such links. Remember that if you haven’t participated in any competition, you definitely haven’t won! And this rule applies not only to CoinCasso. 

If your profile was shared by another Facebook account, please report this page to Facebook as SCAM. Our team tries to report fake accounts on an ongoing basis, but we are not always able to react on time.

Our only official account on Facebook is

  1. Never give your money to others. Invest funds on your own account! If someone says – give me 5k and I will make it 10k, never believe them!
  2. Don’t give anyone access to remotely control your computer!
  3. If you haven’t participated in any of the competitions, you definitely haven’t won!
  4. Never share your passwords!
  5. Use 2FA.
  6. If someone guarantees you a high profit of several hundred percent – do not trust him. 

Yes, CoinCasso is a licensed cryptocurrency exchange based in Lithuania. You can read about the legality and the project itself in our white paper.

Yes, CoinCasso is safe. 

  • We adhere to regulations such as KYC verification or AML regulations. 
  • Most of the funds are stored and protected on cold wallets. 
  • The security of FIAT currencies is ensured by cooperation with banks.
  • We encourage users to 2FA, and each user can check their login history.
  • We use a number of security measures. 
  • We regularly create backups.

More about security on CoinCasso.

No, CoinCasso is not a financial pyramid or MLM. We have an affiliate and ambassador program, but it’s not the same as a financial pyramid. These programs are only a supplement to trading, not the main source of income. The ownership structure as well as the activities are clear and you can monitor the performance of these programs at all times. Additionally, these programs are not obligatory – you can use the exchange as usual without recommending it further. 

Moreover, to become our ambassador, you must pass verification by our team.

Our programs are only intended to help promote the CoinCasso exchange on the market.

Yes of course. It is available on our website

Fear and distrust when it comes to investing your money is natural and good. The crypto world is something abstract for many people, which also introduces anxiety. But do not worry! CoinCasso is safe. More and more users trust us and entrust their funds. Moreover, our users are satisfied with the operation of the exchange. See for yourself that it’s worth trusting us.

Don’t forget to browse our Blockchain Academy and information on buying cryptocurrencies to get the most out of your trading.

The CoinCasso platform is, among other things, a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to trade cryptocurrencies between users. We also have a SWAP feature that allows you to quickly exchange cryptos. How do we make money? We charge small commissions on your transactions.

We also have an app department with a LONG SHORT game that allows you to earn money by betting on BTC prices.

No, CoinCasso is easy and uncomplicated to use. We want the interface to be as simple as possible so that you are not afraid to use it. At the same time, we try to meet the requirements of more experienced traders.

With us, you can, for example, quickly and intuitively exchange fiat currency for Bitcoin using the SWAP function. Even beginners can handle it without any problems.

In addition, our website is full of guides and tutorials on how to use the CoinCasso platform and how to navigate the world of crypto.

  • SWAP function – fast exchange of cryptocurrencies (as in a cryptocurrency exchange), with a low fee
  • We have our own CCX token, which allows you to lower the Fee and reduce the deposit in Long Short Game
  • 80% of profits is distributed to the owners of CCX tokens 
  • the owners of CCX have a real impact on the development of the project
  • additional applications available after logging in, eg Long Short Game
  • own hybrid blockchain (under development)
  • Coinbridge (under development)

About a lot of reviews and articles pop up. We try to collect them all in one place ->

When it comes to opinions on Trustpilot, well … the largest cryptocurrency exchanges are also being accused on TrustPilot of being a SCAM. So does this mean that all cryptocurrency exchanges are SCAM? Of course not! 

Unfortunately, many upset users who have lost their money (due to bad investment decisions) vent their emotions by writing negative reviews about intermediaries, i.e. cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Let’s analyze the history of the most popular Bitcoin cryptocurrency. At the beginning, 1 BTC cost less than $1. As its price hit $10, many wondered if it was too late to buy BTC. Some of them gave up thinking it was too late. But Bitcoin’s price had risen to $100. Again, many people wondered if it is still profitable to buy this cryptocurrency. And the price went up to $60,000!

Are you still wondering if it is too late to buy cryptocurrencies? Read about crypto price predictions on our website.

No, cryptocurrencies are not a scam. As we have already mentioned, many people do not fully understand what blockchain and cryptocurrencies are. Despite the fact that they have been functioning for many years, they are still an abstraction for many. And as you know, people are afraid of the unknown and what they cannot touch. Therefore, all cryptocurrency enthusiasts (including us) are trying to educate the rest of the society and show that crypto is the future.

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