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Welcome to the next episode of our cryptocurrency reviews! This time we will discuss its own blockchain-based Waves platform, on which users can create their own tokens. The latest version of Waves consists of the decentralised exchange, wallet, and a tool to release tokens. Waves is called a cheaper than Ethereum alternative for blockchain startups.

Waves price index


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Waves on fire

Waves’ price is recently on the rise. For a while, it entered top 20. At the time when we publish this article, it is the strongest rising cryptocurrency from top 50 in the last seven days.

Waves possesses a good increase of price in relation to Bitcoin. After months of recession, is its price going to skyrocket? Time will tell.

waves to bitcoin

Waves predictions

Waves aims to build a new platform in the style of Bitcoin or Ethereum. If Waves achieves its goals, it can not only get significant profits but also strengthen the entire cryptocurrency market

Waves is a cryptocurrency that is great for taking advantage of the growing interest in cryptography from the broader population and the business community. It enables easy trading of cryptography and application development, with a healthy space for growth and incentives to attract buyers away from Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It leads to general positive forecasts of Waves prices. However, we will give up on predicting its exact price in the upcoming months. As the year 2018 has shown, its price didn’t meet predictions, as Waves was expected to reach $10 by the end of the current year. As we have already mentioned, it’s better to look at Waves as a long-term investment rather than speculating on its prices on a monthly basis.


Waves was created in 2016. The founder is physicist Sasha Ivanov, who was born in Ukraine but currently lives in Russia. Waves employs about 100 people, and their office is located in Moscow. Therefore, Waves is called the “Russian Ethereum”.  The platform, which is based on a Proof-of-Stake algorithm, focuses on non-standard token operations, and currency conversions are carried out on its blockchain, which handles hundreds of transactions per second. On their official site, the owners of Waves claim it to be the fastest blockchain in the world.

Waves is currently listed in top 30 at market capitalization ranking, with about $250 million market cap at the time when we publish this article. 
Total supply of Waves is equal to 100 million.

ICO lasted about six weeks and ended in May 2016. It raised $16 million. The average price of Waves during ICO was equal to 0.18 USD, and 85 million tokens were sold. The remaining amount went to partners and developers. 

In summary, Waves is a swift way of creating tokens. Anyone can create a token on Waves. It does essentially mean that you can create your own cryptocurrency on this platform! The creation of one coin costs 1 Waves.

As have already mentioned, Waves is platform based on its own blockchain. It aims at storing trading management and issuing your digital assets quickly and securely. It’s a kind of ICO platform for people to raise funds and raise capital for the cryptocurrency projects. Mining is comfortable with convenient ways, and the platform also offers an advanced wallet, friendly UI and insanely low fees.

Who is Sasha Ivanov?

Sasha Ivanov was born in Kiev. He moved to Russia and finished his physics bachelor’s degree at Moscow State University. He worked as a programmer of neural networks and electronic payments systems. He calls himself a “technology entrepreneur”. 

In 2013, he launched cryptocurrency exchange platform Then, he created the first stock exchange index, and the first fiat blockchain token CoinoUSD. The value of his assets is unknown but he once claimed to raise from Waves $16 million. Recently, he opened a new project – Vostok, which aims at creating the first usable blockchain solution for scalable digital infrastructure.

The alternative?

A year ago, in December 2017, Waves reached 1.7 billion USD in market capitalization value, becoming the second largest crowdfunded blockchain project in the world. With its fast blockchain, it seems to be a decent long-term investment and in our opinion, it is going to become a pretty valuable alternative to Ethereum.

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