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Welcome to our next episode of cryptocurrency reviews! This time we present Ripple network and its XRP token, which is currently listed in top 3 at the market capitalization ranking.

Some analysts state that Ripple’s token – XRP – is going to become the best cryptocurrency when it comes to the market capitalization ranking, and therefore, to replace Bitcoin in the leadership!

XRP price today:


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Global scale

Ripple was designed to facilitate transactions on a worldwide scale. Already, many financial institutions and companies have joined Ripple network, in order to, primarily, lower transaction fees. Although Ripple’s protocol is independent from central authorities, many people disagree that it is decentralized, as its CEO explains himself. They claim it to be rather a distributed network. There are many advantages of Ripple over Bitcoin, and we are going to discuss them in depth, however, as usual, let’s begin our review with price discussion & predictions for short-term and long-term profitability of investment.

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As you can see on the tradingview graph, Ripple’s XRP token possesses a meager price, although its market capitalization is today equal to about 14-15 billion USD. In 2017 and at the beginning of 2018 the graph looks like a real roller-coaster, but overall, 2017 was an excellent year for XRP, as its price increased by about the insane 34000%. There was a moment when XRP price was equal to more than 3 USD, and soon, in February 2018, it decreased to less than 1 USD. Recently, after reaching the lowest level in September 2018, XRP’s price is growing.

Ripple predictions

As we have already mentioned, many investors suspect Ripple’s price to rise, and even to replace Bitcoin on the leadership at the market capitalization ranking. However, there are also opposite predictions. According to, XRP price is going to fall in 2019. They claim XRP to be a bad long-term investment and predicts the price after a year equal to 0.143 USD. Walletinvestor goes even further and claims that there is a risk that XRP can even crush!

More optimistic attitude to XRP’s price is presented by They base their predictions on such sources like fxstreet,, and investingpr. In their opinion, Ripple’s token is an attractive short, mid and long-term investment! One of the main arguments is a very low current price of a token, and therefore, XRP is meant to be the most appealing investment from all the coins with “microscopic” prices per unit, and its price is going to rise up to even $3-$5 by the end of the year.

As you can see, it is very tough to predict the future XRP price, and that’s why haven’t put it in our article Top 5 Cryptocurrencies to Invest for 2019. First and foremost, we firmly believe that Bitcoin’s price will increase, altcoins will follow and therefore, 2019 will be an excellent crypto year. Keep your fingers crossed with us for it!

“Ancient” crypto platform

Ripple was created in 2012, although the “germ” of this idea was created in 2004. 47-year-old American Brad Garlinghouse is CEO of Ripple. The Ripple network has been designed to lower transactions’ costs and enable international (global) transfers for various financial institutions and companies, such as banks, corporations or stock exchanges. It is called commonly a “Bankcoin”. Ripple possesses many advantages over Bitcoin, such as fast transfers, higher transaction bandwidth, and high scalability.

What Ripple can do except for real-time settlements between banks? It can do currency exchange between fiat currencies, and a remittance – sending money overseas. There are many well-known companies taking advantage of Ripple, including Bank of America. Like Bitcoin, Ripple is based on blockchain, and there is also a network of nodes based on open-source protocol. It maintains a ledger which records balances and other information. In each transaction, there are two parties – obviously, the financial institution (or less often a private company or government), and a market maker or liquidity provider for various currencies.

Real-time settlement

In order to understand how Ripple works, it is useful to know what is RTGS and RTXP. For example, when you send Bitcoins, the settlement is made in real-time, and RTGS (Real-time Gross Settlement System) is kind of system which manage this processes. For instance, the Bank of England uses this service. It is an infrastructure that stores account in banks, building societies and other institutions. Funds on such accounts can be sent money between those account holders practically without any of latency. This ensures an irreversible and risk-free settlement. RTXP stands for Ripple Transaction Protocol, formerly known as RippleNet. This system is based on the so-called “Gateways”, thanks to which financial institutions are able to connect with Ripple’s network. They are similar to a global register, which is kind of private blockchain.

“Ripple is not centralized”

What’s more, some people state that Ripple is kind of centralized, as it uses consensus protocol independent from central authorities and most of the tokens are possessed by a company, but its CEO disagree with it. “Ripple is not centralized. To be clear, if XRP disappeared today, XRP would continue to function. To me, that’s the most important measure of whether something is decentralized.”

No mining

What distinguishes XRP from other tokens is that mining cryptocurrency is impossible. All XRP tokens have been created and a total supply is equal to 100 billion. Over 70% of XRP tokens are possessed by Ripple Labs. Ripple’s blocktime is equal to 4 seconds. Ripple can handle a tremendous amount of transactions per second (1500) in comparison to Bitcoin (7) and Ethereum (14).

IOU token

As we mentioned earlier, Ripple’s token is currently ranked in top 3 at the market capitalization ranking. However, it is not the only method of payment in Ripple network. Except for XRP, there are also IOU tokens. These have been designed on the platform as tokens that can be redeemed for a fungible asset (for example, US dollars or gold).

Ripple to “defeat” Bitcoin?

Ripple is definitely a very interesting project, and with months/years, more and more serious companies will start to apply it. Therefore, we strongly believe it to significantly succeed. Will Ripple replace Bitcoin, though? Time will tell.

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