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What is the price of Enjin today? ENJ price in USD

The current price of Enjin is $ 0.225571 USD and the ENJ volume today is $ 8,865,648 USD. Enjin’s price changed 7.15% in 24 hours. MarketCap ENJ is $ 225,261,714. The current CoinGecko #1040 ranking.

What is Enjin?

Enjin software provides software developers the ability to create and manage virtual commodities on the Ethereum blockchain. The company hopes to curb ingame inventory theft by managing all in-game items across a multitude of other properties based on a blockchain technology. Central in managing digital assets is Enjin’s ENJ cryptocurrency that gives its products the advantages of cryptocurrency including speed cost and encryption. Enjin released an SDK for the digital assets development enabling users to develeop thm in games or apps. Chaque minted currency are flexible for your selected platform.

Who created Enjin?

Enjin is a privately-owned startup founded in 2009 and cofounders Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomski founded it. Enjin recently opened its own ICO to raise $18.9 million. The firm was seeking new blockchains that would be able. Enjin is currently working on a new game called gami.

How does Enjin work?

The main use case for Enjin is that users can use and store virtual goods for gaming. These can range from currency to in-game symbols that represent unique items like swords and costumes for characters. Enjin has built several SDKs that facilitate them and also includes kit specifically tailored for a wallet and payment system. In combination with their SDKs Enjin also created an application interface program (API) to help deploy these items into a gaming environment. The game creates virtual goods through four steps. Make a virtual asset by creating the item and it will destroy it.

Why does ENJ have value?

ENJ enables developers of games to manufacture virtual goods of its platform Enjin. When a player acquires these items, they can use them in other games, trade in them and sell them to ENJ. If bought, an item is destroyed and the ENJ locked in the smart contract is given to the person who sold the item. The supply of ENJ is limited.

Enjin Smart Wallet

Enjin comes with a native wallet where players can store and trade items. The wallet will enable users to integrate everything that is available within the platform with the application.

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