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Just about two weeks have passed since we have published article Top 10 moments from the beginning of 2019, and so much has happened lately that we prepared a list of other ten moments related to the CoinCasso project! All listed below things took place in just 14 days! Ready? Let’s go!

We launched a bounty program!

top 10 moments 14 days coincasso ico

Becoming a bounty hunter is one of the most convenient ways to earn money in the cryptocurrency environment. CoinCasso launched its own program! You can make profits by helping us to promote our holistic project and expand awareness among people about the future of blockchain technology. These include writing articles, publishing Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit posts, being active in our Telegram group, creating infographics, making YouTube videos and uploading photos on Instagram. We give away as many as 1,000,000 CCX tokens which generate an enormous 7-digit bounty prize pool! With the current price of CCX token, it is close to $3,000,000!

We opened a public registration on CoinCasso Exchange 1.0!

top 10 moments coincasso register now exchange

Everyone can register and trade on CoinCasso Exchange 1.0! On our exchange, except for already listed Bitcoin and Ethereum, we plan to introduce the following cryptocurrencies: Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic and XRP. What’s more, we are going to list new trading pairs: BTC / DASH, BTC / BCH, BTC / LTC, and BTC / ETC. Our project is ready in the first phase and in the upcoming months we plan to show you the hybrid CoinCasso Exchange 2.0.

We were evaluated on ICOBench, TrackICO and ICOMarks!

icomarks icoholder rating coincasso exchange

Are you not sure whether to invest in the CoinCasso project? Independent and objective ICO rating platforms come with help! Earlier, we were evaluated on ICO Holder and Cryptototem, and recently on the very prestigious ICOBench, TrackICO and ICOMarks. You can see how we were rated below:

  • Cryptototem – 9/10
  • ICO Holder – 4.12/5
  • ICOBench – 4.8/5
  • ICOMarks – 8.4/10
  • TrackICO – 5/5

We attended the Investment Blockchain Conference in Cyprus!

meeting investor coincasso

After attending the Malta Blockchain Summit last autumn and the Davos Conference Week in January 2019, our delegation again went on a journey – this time to Cyprus! We took part in the Investment Blockchain Conference, which gathered over 1000 blockchain enthusiasts from various corners of the globe. In the photo, you can see our team with the president of the Free Republic of Liberland, Vít Jedlička.

We launched an open group on Telegram!

coincasso telegram channel crypto exchange

CoinCasso project is created for users and with cooperation with users. That’s why we especially value communication with you, and we decided to launch a new, open group on Telegram! Everyone can join the group. We expect your activity and suggestions related to the improvement of our project. Remember, you create this project with us!

We started regularly organising Zoom meetings in English!

zoom video conferencing webinar coincasso

Have you heard about our Zoom conferences? Except for Polish, recently, we started organising meetings also in English! The host is a new member of our team – Head of International Operations in CoinCasso, Michał Grzywacz! During Zooms, you can get to know the details of our project: how it works, and how you can earn money by becoming a holder of CCX tokens. We especially recommend it to users who have just recently heard about CoinCasso. Soon, we plan to improve the experience that users get from Zoom meetings, by introducing a new version of the presentation.

We introduced Chinese and Slovak languages on CoinCasso Group!

coincasso chinese translation

Blockchain technology affects the economy on a global scale. That’s why we want to expand awareness about it around the world, and we introduce different language versions. You can read our website and articles on our blog in new languages: Chinese and Slovak. Do you speak any of these languages? Have a nice read!

We published our articles on Flipboard!

flipboard coincasso publications news

We are not only introducing new languages, but we are also expanding our reach of social media – that’s why we published our articles on Flipboard! It is an application which allows you to read news from various websites. CoinCasso is there!

We have introduced a new project – Blockchain Academy!

coincasso exchange top moments blockchain academy

We launched a new project – Blockchain Academy! We recommend it both for beginners and more advanced users who want to systematize their knowledge about the cryptocurrency world. Lately, we have published an introductory article in which we gathered basic materials from our blog – and of course, it’s just the beginning. Expect next episodes in the upcoming future!

We started publishing CoinCasso explainers!

coincasso explainer bitcoin trading platform

We provide you with basic guides on how to take advantage of our CoinCasso Exchange. How to deposit and withdraw funds? How to put an offer of the market? You’ll find simple explanations in the first tutorial!

The spring is coming, and we plan to implement further functionalities. If you want to get to know our roadmap, we encourage you to read our new Whitepaper.

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