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Cryptocurrency world is associated with huge money. And where is the money – unfortunately – there appear cheaters who want to make some cash in an illegal and very unfair way. CoinCasso becomes more and more popular, so naturally, this case started to bother also CoinCasso community. In recent days, we have noticed many suspicious activities which aim at scamming our members.

Cheaters on Telegram

The most common fraud attempts are related to offering promotional CCX tokens and encouraging re-registration. Cheater sends a link to the counterfeit website with an intention to do phishing and provides a fake e-mail address (e.g. with one letter changed to make it very similar to the e-mail address of our Support Manager or another member of our team).

Most of these activities happen in our open group on Telegram. Some people contact our members privately using the name of one of our staff members.

We never chat with you privately on Telegram

Please never respond to these scam messages, and report any suspicious activity to us via e-mail immediately. We want to make sure that our members are safe; security is our biggest priority.

Remember to never give your password, never send any cryptocurrencies – we will never ask you to do that. 

Be careful with e-mails

How to protect yourself from cheaters? Firstly, you need to know that we never send either respond to any messages on Telegram. The proper way to contact us is via e-mail: Support Manager ([email protected] or ), and PR Specialist ([email protected]).

Always make sure from which e-mail you have received a message. Is it really [email protected][email protected] or something different, but looking very similar? Never click on links, download files or open attachments in emails from such addresses. It doesn’t mean that you can’t click on links received from our Support Manager! Example below:

sample of protecting coincasso news

Valid e-mail from our support


Be aware of urgent deadlines. If someone wants you to do something very fast, it is usually a scam. Sometimes even a scam e-mail can contain threats associated with paying huge fines for not completing cheater’s demand on time. Never give in to such pressure and report problems immediately to us.

Enable 2FA and use a secure connection

Remember to set-up two-factor authentication. How to do it on Check out our Explainer part 2.

Please omit logging into your accounts on and in public locations, such as an internet cafe or a computer room at university. Never use public, unsecured Wi-Fi, almost make sure that your connection is safe and made via HTTPS protocol (you should see a lock next to web page address in your browser when visiting our sites).

Other social media scams

Be careful on social media. Pay attention to shortened links, which are often used by scammers in order to redirect you to the fake site. Those fake sites can be used to install malware on your computer or steal your personal data (such as login and password). Remember that our official Facebook fan pages is CoinCasso, on Twitter CoinCasso Exchange, and on Instagram CoinCasso.

Other links are:

Help Center:
ICO Webpage:
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Telegram News Channel:

Security first

If you have any doubts or problems related to protecting yourself, our Support Manager ([email protected]) is more than happy to help you. Remember – security is our biggest priority and we will do our best to minimize the risk of such activities in the future.

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