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Soon, the CoinCasso delegation will attend the “economic event of the year” – Davos Conference Week. However, before we fly to Switzerland, last Friday, it was time to organise a meeting of our promotion leaders from various corners – from the UK, Crete, Warsaw, and Cracow – in our new office!

meeting cryptocurrency promotion leaders


Development of CoinCasso exchange

The meeting was organised in the form of a brief.  We have touched upon the technical aspects, appearance, and communication relevant to the development of the project. Everyone proposed different solutions to facilitate the use of the cryptocurrency exchange.


meeting coincasso promotion leaders 2

We have summarized our activities so far, and we have made plans for the near future. CoinCasso leaders have agreed on issues that stand in the way of better development.

We discussed the improvement of the CoinCasso 1.0 cryptocurrency exchange (interface, and ease of transaction execution). What’s more, a discussion about the CoinCasso 2.0 release came up.


Smiling leaders


Krystian Burdzy, who decided to share his thoughts and a short video on Facebook, was very pleased with the meeting.

Post translation:

Today was a mega inspiring day.????

I went to a meeting of leaders to the new office of the new Cryptocurrency Exchange CoinCasso, where I met fantastic people, full of passion and involvement in the project with the owner Luke Ozimski in the forefront.

The exchange starts soon and is unique, and what is so unique among hundreds of others? The fact that 80% of profit comes back to its users!!! We’re pushing gas into the metal!

If you want to be part of it, and at the same time earn on a CCX token, the value of which is growing all the time, I invite you to contact me…

Mariusz Fultyn, who appeared in the office also on Saturday, was more than satisfied as well.

Post translation:

Saturday evening and I am at work 🙂

But this job is my hobby!


The future

As we mentioned earlier, during the meeting, we have also refined our plans for the future. Here are the main points we have discussed:

  • A delegation of the team at Switzerland – Davos Conference Week the end of January,
  • A release of the cryptocurrency wallet for Android and IOS this month,
  • Opening registration on the exchange 1.0 for everyone,
  • Preparation of ICO bounty campaign.


It’s still the beginning


The meeting has passed in a very nice atmosphere, and everyone strongly believes in the final success of the CoinCasso project.

We will keep you up to date on our social media and blog on all the news. Stay tuned!

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