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The time has passed so quickly! It is the last day of Davos Conference Week, and we are more than satisfied to be part of it! We have conducted many successful meetings, and yesterday, we organised a meeting for investors. We were discussing new technologies and blockchain perspectives, and our project gained a huge interest. We will reveal more details soon.

Check out photos from this unique event:

Preparation for the dinner

bogdan sinicki davos 2019

Our banner “Be part of a holistic blockchain project” and our Project Manager, Bogdan in the forefront.

coincasso dinner at davos investors meeting

Our brochures – “Be part of a cryptocurrency exchange platform”


The culmination

cryptocurrency trading platform davos

coincasso crypto exchange dinner wef 2019

davos week 2019 investors dinner

davos conference 2019 dinner

We are more than satisfied with the meeting and we would like to thanks our honored guests for their engagement and professionalism. What’s more, as we have already informed on our Facebook fan page, our CEO Luke Ozimski was interviewed by a well-known journalist Sarah Austin. Soon, you will be able to read this interview on Entrepreneur.com.


What else happened at Davos Conference Week 2019?

Quite a lot actually! The most prestigious economic event of the year featured many famous names, including the president of Brasil, who gave an opening speech.

“President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, opened the Davos Conference Week in Switzerland with a speech in defense of tax simplification, privatizations and harmonization between the preservation of the environment and biodiversity with economic development.”

Angela Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, gave a 27-minute speech. She was talking about global institutions, which in her opinion needs reforms in order to avoid what she called “the fragmentation of the multilateral world“.

One of the key moments was also the interview with David Attenborough, which was conducted by Prince William!


Blockchain – a hot topic again

The cryptocurrency environment proved again that it is on the lips of the whole world. Blockchain was a “hot” topic again and many recognized names discussed the impact of this technology on today and the future world.

The foundation of protecting modern society

“People throw around ‘crypto’ like it’s a bad thing — it’s scary”, said Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire in Davos on January 23th.

Guess what? Cryptography is at the foundation of protecting modern society, human privacy. It’s a fundamental tool of our cyber defenses. It’s a fundamental tool of every corporation.”

“Crypto is fundamental to the future,” he continued.

We need tamper-proof, resilient, decentralized infrastructure if we want society to survive the digital age.”

“It can be used in lending transactions, in payment transactions. It allows you to make dollar payments, globally, at pennies and in seconds to minutes. It’s a really powerful innovation.”, he added.

He thinks also that Bitcoin price will soar within 3 years!

More friendly

Turkey and Slovenia to become more blockchain friendly-countries? Check out interesting Tweets:

It’s not everything

As we have already mentioned, we are very pleased with the last evening’s dinner, and as always, stay tuned – details about the meeting soon! And we can’t wait for Davos Conference Week 2020! It was such an amazing time this year!

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