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Davos Conference Week 2019 is in the full force! After warming up engines on day 1, when our delegation attended Caspian Week, it’s time for day 2! Check out interesting statistics about this event and how our team commented on it.

Some numbers

The annual meeting, which first edition was hosted in 1971, will last until January 25th. It is estimated that this year’s event features 3,000 participants from over 100 countries, including famous government officials and 26 billionaires who own the same wealth as 3.8 billion people.

22% of attendees are women, and the youngest participant is 16-year old South African nature photographer Skye Meaker. The oldest is 92-year-old Sir David Attenborough.

There has been an approximate number of 1,500 private jets flying to Davos, and the cost of the arrival of American delegation with US diplomacy chief Rex Tillerson is estimated by one of the Swiss newspapers at about 40 million dollars!

Snowy Davos

Davos is a famous ski resort, with 320 km of slopes. It is located 1,560 m above sea level. As of December 2017, Davos possesses a population of 10,937.

The cheapest hotels cost $500 per night, and renting a Swiss house for a week may require spending over 50,000 green banknotes!

Davos is also well-known for the largest natural ice-skating field in Europe. It boasts an area of 18,000 square meters!

Welcome day

We asked Bogdan, our Project Manager to comment on this exceptional event.

“Yesterday we had a welcome day, we tried to reach all interesting posts, find contacts. We discussed how our private dinner will look like. Yesterday at 8 AM, we left [our hotel], and at 23 we came back”, he said.

“On the first day in Davos, we established contacts with companies from the blockchain industry, we learned about the latest solutions in this area, about new emerging projects. In the future, these new contacts will help us to spread blockchains and cryptocurrencies in Europe and around the world”, he continued.

He also claims that snowy Davos is full of people and that there is an enormous crowd. Yesterday, also our leaders Luke Ozimski and Zbigniew Zygadło commented on this unique meeting during our Zoom.

One purpose

They gave greetings and informed that many polite guests were invited to the presentation of our company on Thursday. Materials from this speech are expected to appear on Tuesday. Luke Ozimski also mentioned that CoinCasso had established many contacts in the blockchain industry and other fields, and the project gained “one hundred percent of interest”.

“From the early morning, we have been working for one purpose: in order for CoinCasso to reach the global market. It is our action by the end of the week.”, said CoinCasso CEO.

The culmination is tomorrow

We can’t wait for what Thursday will bring, and we wish our delegation further successful initiatives during their stay in Davos. A fantastic event is being prepared tomorrow, and as usual, expect ongoing news on our blog and social media from this special meeting.

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