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The last few months have been very busy for our team. The effect of developers’ work is an upgrade of the exchange to CoinCasso 3.0. Check what new features you’ll find on the exchange.

Why CoinCasso 3.0

Cryptocurrencies are still a growing market. That is why at CoinCasso we create technologically innovative solutions that meet the needs of both the changing industry and our customers. Thanks to this, we can present solutions that no other cryptocurrency exchanges in the world offer. The CoinCasso 3.0 upgrade brings us closer to achieving a fully hybrid structure.

CoinCasso has a completely new appearance. We have introduced a light and dark theme and additional tools for advanced traders – all this to make using the exchange even easier. We have changed our affiliate program. Important: new affiliate links have been generated for each user. You will find them after logging in to your account.

coincasso exchange dark and light version

What’s more, from today you will receive 35 $ for each invited friend.

Until April 14, we will be working on increasing the depth of the market on our exchange. Then we will introduce new currency pairs: BTC / EUR, BTC / PLN, BTC / USDT & ETH / BTC and new cryptocurrencies: TRON, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Lisk, litecoin, EOS, BAT and Zcash.

CoinCasso 3.0 – new features

The CoinCasso 3.0 upgraded 3 main features: security, functionality and trading.


Upgrading CoinCasso to version 3.0 means even better security for our users and their money. To register an account, new customers can use two-factor authentication with a phone number. It’s a simple way to secure your account against unauthorized access by third parties. After entering the phone number in the login panel, you will receive an SMS with a unique access code. Enter it in the right place and discover the full capabilities of CoinCasso 3.0. Double encryption of all users passwords makes their data completely secure.

In addition, CoinCasso 3.0 currently works in serverless technology. What does it mean? Along with the upgrade, CoinCasso has gained much better scalability, which allows onboarding of several hundred thousand users. Our technological solutions ensure the safety of each of them.

The final stage of 3.0 was the full migration of user data. Thanks to this, users who already had a CoinCasso account will be able to take full advantage of the new features. Soon, CoinCasso’s current customers will also be able to secure their accounts via SMS.


This is a feature that many of our users have been waiting for. Version 3.0 is also an even more friendly trading panel. You can choose between the light and dark version of the page. All you have to do is click on the button in the top right corner. And adjust the trading panel to your needs. However, this is not all. In CoinCasso 3.0 we have introduced a special view for advanced traders. In the “Advanced” view you will find additional components that will provide you with the necessary trading tools: market trend, market depth chart and external prices.

Do you want to trade and earn up to 50% commission simultaneously? All you have to do is join our affiliate program. Invite friends to use CoinCasso and earn money from the transactions they make. To help you invite friends, we’ve created dedicated banners available in the “Affiliation” tab. You can put them on your blog or on social media.


An important element of upgrade 3.0 is increasing the market depth on the exchange. Soon you will be able to trade on additional pairs such as BTC / EUR, BTC / PLN, ETH /BTC and BTC / USDT on CoinCasso. Next, CoinCasso will also introduce one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world: TRON, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, IOTA, Lisk, litecoin, EOS, BAT and Zcash. Thanks to this, you can easily buy top cryptocurrencies.

CoinCasso – hybrid solutions

CoinCasso is the world’s first hybrid cryptocurrency exchange. What does it mean? CoinCasso has its own secure blockchain, thanks to which we can implement only the best solutions used in centralized and decentralized exchanges.

The centralized exchanges are distinguished by their speed of operation and functionality, but they are not immune to external hacker attacks. Because of this, customer funds may be at risk. In turn, decentralized exchanges are characterized by greater security, but also slower funds transfer and difficulty in handling.

CoinCasso connects the decentralized world with the centralized one, offering maximum security of funds, pleasant interface and instant transfers. All thanks to our proprietary blockchain.

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