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Dear Users! Today, we have a very important message for you regarding the issue of the minimum number of tokens that are required to participate in the distribution of profits. Let us recall that the foregoing number, in accordance with the assumptions that we presented in our Whitepaper, was 1000 CCX.


Our project is democratic and we always want to act on the basis of what the community wants. For this reason, we recently asked you on Telegram and Twitter whether you would like the minimum number to change. The results of the surveys are as follows:

  • 115 votes for 50 CCX
  • 93 votes for 100 CCX
  • 70 votes for 500 CCX
  • 221 votes for 1000 CCX

Temporary solution

The results of the vote indicate that although the dominant answer was 1000 CCX, most users want change. What’s more, we have received a lot of requests and questions from you regarding this matter. We don’t want to change anything and for this reason, we have decided to make a compromise and present the most optimal, temporary solution. We decided that for the first few months we will also reward users who possess a minimum of 100 tokens. Then the minimum number will increase every month until the assumed number of 1000 CCX is reached. Thanks to this solution, we will gain more users and it will positively affect the price of the token in the future – when it will be listed on our exchange platform. We are sure that this solution will benefit all our users. The details of the solution we have implemented are as follows:

The distribution of profits will start up to 24 hours after the launch of the CoinCasso Exchange 2.0 only for users who staked from 100 CCX tokens. We would like to remind that this is only temporary solutions during the time of beta tests. At that time, we will start to share the profit with users who have at least 100 CCX tokens. This situation will last until February 1, 2020, when the minimum number of tokens will increase monthly by 100 CCX, until October 2020, when it reaches 1000 CCX. Then the temporary program will be turned off.

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We are convinced that the changes will have a positive impact on the development of our project and our community. We would like to remind you that the sale of tokens lasts until the end of 2019, and the current price (as of July 18) is $5.54.

If you have any questions or doubts, we invite you to our next week webinar (Monday, July 22, 21:00 CEST). Link: You can also direct your comments to us on the blog or by sending an e-mail to [email protected] Remember to regularly follow our social media channels and our newsletter.

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