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Right now hundreds of millions of people around the world are losing their jobs. The global economy is in ruins and people are left wondering how they are going to pay their bills. Everyone is turning to the internet for answers. Searching online how they can earn money on the internet. How they can build a business with no capital. How they can work from home and spend more time with family. If you’re reading this article you may be in the same difficult situation. Don’t worry I believe I have the solution to your problems.

One hundred dollars a month doesn’t seem like a lot of money. But, if it took nearly zero effort to accomplish wouldn’t you be excited about that one hundred dollars a month.

I’m going to show you how you can earn not only one hundred dollars a month, but way beyond that. Even 100 dollars per day. This can be done so easily through what is called Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the KEY to Financial Freedom.

Now if you don’t know, affiliate marketing is basically a finders fee. If an online store or company want to sell their products they need customers to buy it. And if you are the one who directed that customer to their store to buy their product, that store will pay you a finders fee anywhere fro 4-7% or a flat fee for each referral you sent over.

So if you can imagine, Amazon has the largest affiliate program in the world. Many YouTubers and bloggers review products and add a link to that product on their blog or videos and when someone buys that product they make a commission. So for example if a YouTuber made a video on a laptop and that laptop sells for $2,000 he earns $100 approximately per sale. Now imagine if they have 15 million views on that video and 1% of people buy that product. That is 150,000 people, at $100 each. That YouTuber would have earned $15 million from his affiliate links.

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If you can learn how to make one hundred dollars a month, you can then do it over and over and over again and your income will depend on the volume of people you send to buy that product.

Which Affiliate Programs are best?

Affiliate programs are everywhere. Almost every large company has an affiliate program. The only issue is many people wont get approved once they submit an application because most affiliate programs require a certain volume of people on either your blog or website or YouTube channel. So if you dont have a massive following on social media you are in luck.
Here is #1 choice for the best affiliate program to earn money now.

1: CoinCasso Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges are always looking for new users on their platform. Because of this everyone who signs up for an account will automatically be given a referral code. So if you refer a new user to the CoinCasso Cryptocurrency exchange they will pay you $35 for each person who signs up. To reach one hundred dollars a month all you would have to do is refer 3 people. But I’m assuming you see the potential here. Let’s say conservatively you can get 5 of your Facebook Friends per day, that is $175 per day and in 1 month you could earn $5,250 while sitting in the comfort of your own home. That is more money than most people make at their normal job.

CoinCasso is actually one of the newest cryptocurrency exchanges, so their affiliate referral payments are the highest of all the cryptocurrency exchanges. Sign up today at

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Saving one hundred dollars a month.

One hundred dollars a month in savings per month is very doable by simply cutting some cuts in your day to day life.Cutting out non essential expenses from your life will easily allow for saving 100 a month.

Here is a list of frequently bought items that can be altered:
-Coffee house coffee like Starbucks or Coffee Bean
-Cut back on eating out at restaurants. Cook at home and save was more than one hundred dollars a month
-Reduce your electricity use at home. By simply turning off the lights when not in use you can cut you energy bill in half.
-Stop smoking and or drinking. Cigarettes and alcohol cost add up quickly without you even realising.

Let’s do some theoretical calculations.
-$5 coffee everyday
-$20 per day eating out
-50% saving on energy bills
-Cigarettes (1 pack per day) $49 per week
-Alcohol $50 for the weekend.

In one month by cutting these simple things from your life you could potentially save $1,300 each and every month. The best part is if you saved that money and invested in to a ETF like the Vanguard index fund (VOO) on Robinhood. This is the best way to invest 100 per month or the entire $1,300.

With this amount invested every month over the course of your life, when you retire, depending on the age you are when you started investing, you could have millions saved for retirement.

Spending one hundred dollars a month on groceries.

Spending one hundred dollars a month on groceries sounds nearly impossible, but if you are willing to, I have found that this can be easily done simply by switching the store in which you buy your groceries. Many people choose Albertsons or Smiths, buy a more cost effective solution is Walmart as your grocery store. The most cost effective switch would be to do your grocery shopping at the Dollar store for packaged goods and a local farmers market for fruits and veggies. This action alone could change your monthly grocery bill from $500 per month to 100 dollars a month.

Use your time on social media to make money, NOT blindly consume content.

Many people spend hundreds of hours every month on Facebook, Instagram, Blog, and YouTube. This is a way for people to unwind from their normal lives. But if you really think about the opportunity social media has already provided for so many people. Becoming an influencer on a certain topic or niche. People make millions of dollars every year on the back of social media. So instead of focusing on consuming the content you enjoy, you should focus on creating content that you enjoy because if you already spend hundreds of hours watching it, that means you are very knowledgeable on the topic. So pull out a keyboard or your camera and write blogs or articles on that topic. Get your camera and film yourself speaking on the topic. Start a new instagram profile on that topic. All of these things will help you grow your audience on something you are already passionate about and knowledgeable about.

By growing an audience based on a certain topic you build a community and authority on the subject. This way is the best way to earn money for yourself. Once you have a large audience you can sign up for even more affiliate programs. Build your own email list for marketing purposes, get sponsorship from companies in your niche. Simple website traffic and having google ads on your site would easily get you an extra $100 per day or month.

how affilate marketing works

Making money online is a new skill that is very valuable to learn. It will provide you with income over your lifetime and you will be in control of everything instead of taking orders from your boss. Again. affiliate marketing is the best possible way to make money online each and every month. It costs zero dollars to start referring people and businesses are happy to get your referrals and pay you handsomely for each and every one of them.

Again don’t forget to sign up for a free account at and start referring new users and earn $35 for each one of them.

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What does market cap mean in crypto
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