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Welcome to the next episode of the CoinCasso newsletter! Today we have a lot of very important information for you, including the launch of CoinCasso Exchange 2.0, the release of CoinCasso Wallet app, and the start of CCX token sales for key investors. Let’s look at what we’re currently working on:

CoinCasso Exchange 2.0 – start as planned!

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The CoinCasso Exchange 2.0 will launch as planned. However, it may happen that we will need time to test various functionalities. Please note that the CoinCasso Exchange 2.0 will be subject to a beta period. After the end of the implementation period – which will last up to 30 days – we will start distributing profits in accordance with what was described in our Whitepaper.

Please read our newsletters – available at – and follow us on social media, where we publish more information on a regular basis.


CoinCasso Wallet application – coming soon!

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We would also like to inform you that we are in the final preparation phase before the release of CoinCasso Wallet app. It will be an application with a shared source key that will allow you to securely store funds – starting with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ERC-20 tokens firsts. The CoinCasso Wallet app will be constantly updated. Each user will have access to their private keys. We do not plan to charge you for the application or transfers made using it. Transactions will be sent immediately.


We started selling tokens to key investors

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Last six months of our activities on the international market, including Asian, European, and American countries, brought expected results. Thanks to the intensive promotion of the company and presentation of our project to numerous investors, we have established effective business contacts and got various new offers. For this reason, we have decided to block 95% of available tokens for sale. They will be used to close investment offers by our investors from four continents.

From June 2, 2019, after burning unsold tokens, 95% of tokens available for sale will be blocked for the needs of institutional investors. 5% will remain on sale at the website in its current retail format. Therefore, the daily number of CCX tokens available for purchase will automatically decrease.

We remind you that we still keep the proportions of 80/20, so we plan to keep 20% of all existing tokens for the needs of company development.

We didn’t give up on burning unsold tokens. All unsold tokens will be burned, in addition, tokens blocked for the company will be burned in equal proportions.

Adding institutional investors to our project (Foundations, Venture Capitals, Angel Investors, etc.) is a great opportunity for the company and for CCX tokens owners. At this stage of the development, we must think about strong strategic partners who will help bring our project to a new, global level.


The CoinCasso team came back from Malta

coinasso wall malta team ai bc summit 2019
Our huge team (over 40 employees and partners) took part in the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit, which took place at the Hilton Hotel in St. Julians. We are very pleased with the conference and we thank the participants and organizers for the warm welcome.

During Malta AI & Blockchain Summit we established many new business contacts, and our project received full interest from the delegates. Our CoinCasso brand was visible to everyone who was a participant in the event, and thanks to close cooperation with the organizers our logo was included in the IDs of all participants.

malta aibc summit may 2019 people meeting

One of the important events during the summit was also an interview with Michał Grzywacz conducted by Bloxlive, the global DLT and fintech news network, which streams around the clock.

You can find out more information about Malta AI & Blockchain Summit in our articles – a summary of day 1 and our impressions and comments from the conference.


Our project is constantly growing in strength – at the moment we have approximately 6,600 registered users at and 2,400 at The innovations we introduce will certainly help us in the development and promotion of the project. Stay with us and stay up to date with the newsletter and our social media channels!

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