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It’s been over a week since the launch of CoinCasso 3.0, and we are still celebrating and striving to improve our project. In addition, we develop educational content by publishing video materials, articles and podcasts. This week was also very intense. Read our newsletter and learn more.

New version – CoinCasso 3.0

Although more than a week has passed since the premiere of the new version of the stock exchange, it is a very important event for us.

We have implemented thanks to the latest technological solutions ⤵
Two-factor authentication,
New Affiliate Program – get $ 35 for each command,
Serverless technology,
Full data migration
Friendly trading panel.

coincasso new layout


For people who learn best by listening, we’ve created the Crypto Academy by CoinCasso podcast. Episodes are added regularly and cover the most important topics from the crypto world. So far, we have discussed topics such as blockchain operation, the best crypto wallets or the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether.

We prepare each material with care and use the most current analyzes. Follow us on Spotify, because we have prepared much more material for you.


Our channel on Youtube platform is growing. In addition to daily videos, in which we look at the price of digital assets and discuss the most important articles from the digital asset environment, we also publish materials that will help you understand the world of crypto.

We try to transfer knowledge in an easy and pleasant way. In our videos, we present practical examples about the operation of technology on which cryptocurrencies are based. Subscribe to our channel and leave a comment if you like this form of publication.
Youtube channel
bitcoin cach what is it


Articles are another form of publication in which we try to discuss the most important issues related to cryptocurrencies. This week we raised the subject of Bitcoin security and BTC halving.

how to secure your bitcoin

bitcoin halving 2020

In addition, we plan to create a lot more of this publication so that you can get to know the crypto world better. Such articles will significantly help you choose the initial decisions that relate to investing in cryptocurrencies. Knowledge and development is an important factor in any investment.

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