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Another intense week behind us! We announced the results of surveys, we celebrated the sweetest holiday in Poland and we prepared an interesting puzzle for you. A lot has happened. So, you read our weekly newsletter!


From February 13, for five consecutive days, you could vote for the crypto you would like to see on our new CoinCasso 3.0 exchange. On Tuesday, we announced which cryptocurrencies have won the most votes and will list on the platform first.
We would like to thank you once again for your commitment. We are very happy that you liked our surveys, and in the future we will try to give you more opportunities to actively participate in the activities of our company.
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Sweet Thursday

On February 20, we celebrated the sweetest holiday in Poland! In the so-called Fat Thursday everyone can eat donuts without any limit and remorse. At CoinCasso we also celebrated this day.
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We’ve also prepared an interesting puzzle for you, in which you had to guess which crypto found its way to our stock exchange! Thank you very much for all the activities. We hope you liked our maze because we have other puzzles of this kind ready.
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