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Another good week is behind us! We announced the results of the New Year’s Trading Race competition, on Facebook we started a series of surveys that concern our new CoinCasso 3.0 exchange and we’ve prepared some interesting facts from the world of crypto! Read our newsletter and see how we operate.


We started the week by announcing the results of the New Year’s Trading Race! In the challenge, you could win really interesting prizes. We really wanted to thank all participants for their commitment and activity. Congratulations to all the winners. We will start to send prizes soon.

CCX tokens

☑️ Niższe prowizje na CoinCasso Exchange
☑️ Realny wpływ na rozwój projektu
☑️ Większe zyski w programach afiliacyjnych
☑️ Podział 80% zysków giełdy.
Warto wspomnieć, że jeszcze wczoraj o tej porze liczba tokenów CCX w puli bounty wynosiła 8000, teraz w sprzedaży zostało już tylko 3000.
Dlatego nie trać okazji i kup tokeny CCX.
why ccx tokens benefits profits stake hodl

Time for your voice

The CoinCasso 3.0 exchange starts at the beginning of March. We care about the opinions of our users, which is why we decided to prepare a special Facebook survey for you. From yesterday you can decide which cryptocurrency we will add first to our new platform. For 5 days a vote will appear on our profile where you can choose your crypto favorite. Therefore, follow our Facebook! We invite you to vote. Each survey lasts only 24h!

CCX tokens

Our CCX tokens have many advantages.
Thanks to them you will gain ⤵
☑️ Lower commissions on the CoinCasso Exchange.
☑️ Real impact of project development.
☑️ Higher profits from affiliate programs.
☑️ CoinCasso shares 80% fees with CCX holders.
It is worth mentioning that Just yesterday the amount of CCX tokens from the bounty pool was 8000, now only 3000 are left for sale.
So don’t lose your opportunity and buy CCX tokens.


From the series “Explained, we discussed the issue of white paper, which is an official document describing the most important features of the crypto-related project. Its main purpose is to present examples in the use of the product and services of a project.
What should white paper contain? First of all, it should consist of project assumptions, development paths, characteristics of the technology used and a description of the new token. 🧐
White paper is prepared mainly to encourage investors to participate in the project’s ICO.
white paper crypto document coincasso newsletter

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