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Welcome to the next part of CoinCasso Newsletter! As usual, we inform you about the latest events related to our company which happened in the previous 7 days. Let’s take a look:

We attended Consensus 2019 gathering in New York!

consensus coindesk coincasso exchange new york

Team CoinCasso travels the whole world, and this time we landed in New York! Consensus is an annual prestigious event of the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. This is the fifth edition of the summit. It focuses on discussions related to the future of the blockchain industry. Some of the speakers were: Fred Smith from FedEX, Abigail Johnson form Fidelity, Jack Dorsey from Square, and Chairman of the US Securities Exchange Commission, Jay Clayton. The global conference took place on May 13th – 15th. We were very glad to be part of this considerable event and as we have mentioned earlier, next week, we will visit Malta AI & Blockchain Summit!

We were listed on!

investing com ico calendar coincasso exchange ccx token is one of the most well-known financial websites in the world. It is located in the top 500 most visited websites all over the Internet! On the site in the “Crypto” tab, you can, among other things, find information about ongoing ICOs. Our democratic project has been placed there. You can check out it here.

We are preparing for Q&A session!

question ask answer about project coincasso

We recently asked you whether you want us to conduct a Q&A session with our CEO Luke Ozimski. Your response was very positive and we sent you an initial request on our fan page on Facebook to write about what you would like to ask. We wrote several answers that we want to expand during Q&A. Thank you for your commitment. The questions concerned, among other things, when the CoinCasso 2.0 exchange starts, what distinguishes us from other exchanges, our marketing, security issues, whether we will introduce a payment system in PLN, and whether we will organize another CoinCasso partners meeting in Poland.

Today we can say that the start of the CoinCasso Exchange 2.0 is expected at the end of June, but on May 20 we will have more detailed information on this subject and we will update this date. Check out our fan page on a regular basis! When it comes to security, we keep 90% of users’ profit on cold wallets. We also use many other security features, which unfortunately we can not inform about in public. The payment system in PLN will be introduced – we are currently waiting for a license from Poland.

You can check out our full answers on Facebook. Soon, we will conduct Q&A with Luke Ozimski and you will get more information about questions that are intriguing you.

That’s it! The CoinCasso project is moving in the right direction all the time. Remember that we keep you up to date regularly on our social media as well as on our blog and newsletter. Stay with us!

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