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What a week! Full of surprises, plot twists and excitement! You are more than welcome to read our newsletter!

1. Check out how many tokens we have sold since launching beta version of CoinCasso 2.0

coincasso stats ccx freezing staking sale
Since CoinCasso 2.0 BETA version started we sold close to 15 500 CCX tokens and our community already froze almost 2 257 885 CCX tokens too!

2. The change of wallets’ addresses!

important announcemenet coincasso bitcoin trading
Due to the CoinCasso 2.0 update, the wallet addresses have changed and may change with subsequent updates ⏰❗️
Please check every time the current addresses before transferring funds ❗️❗️💎
If your tokens have not been transferred, please contact us at [email protected] 📧📧

3. Over 5000 likes on our fanpage!

5000 facebook likes fanpage community growing
We have over 5000 likes on our fanpage!! 📣📣🤩🤩
Thank you soooo much for being with us!! 😍😍🥳🥳

4. The most important moment of the week!

grand opening is coming cracow novotel october
18th October novotel Cracow City West Hotel – CoinCasso 2.0 Grand Opening!
Today, that is on Friday, October 18, the time has come for an event that we have all been waiting for! The official opening of the exchange will be an exceptional moment and full of surprises! We can’t wait for tonight!

Thank you for developing this amazing project with us!

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