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Welcome to the next weekly summary! Although it has passed on collecting our tester opinions regarding CoinCasso 2.0 beta version, we also managed to encourage you to some lively discussions from which we have drawn very valuable conclusions!

We have received first opinions and remarks from our testers regarding CoinCasso 2.0 beta version

beta version openning coincasso exchange btc

On Monday, September 16th we have received first opinions and remarks from our testers regarding CoinCasso 2.0 beta version and we started to implement the bug fixes.

We asked you for finishing the sentence “What is Bitcoin…”. We were shocked with the amount of your creative comments and ideas!

finish the sentence the bitcoin is what

Your main answers were: future, freedom, independence.

Wednesday’s post was probably the post of the week!

We asked you: “What would you do if you were the cryptocurrency owner…”. You have given us the amazing and inspiring answers, but the most impressive was Mr Omar Syarif answer. Let us quote it:

“I will make the most simple exchange interface (Trade page) and easy to load website. Because not most of the people are having a really good computer / smartphone.

There will be many good features like:
— Instant market Sell / Buy
— Leverage 1-5x
— Buy / Sell orders history should be easily seen by the traders
— A guide for beginners who just get started around the trading stuff

Also the fee will be less cheaper than the other exchange of course. High sustainability with many good features in it. A real time price that won’t go any longer than 2 seconds (Means every 1 seconds possibly refreshed by the newest market demands).

There will be a chat room where verified users can talk each other with rank in it. Also the verifier won’t be so complicated that all users only need to submit their KYC with front, back, plus selfie with the exchange name and date and their name signature.

Also there are many event will be started once a project getting listed in the project to increase the interests of all user in it.

The most important one is the security, all withdraws, deposits, should be manually checked to prevent the bug when it launches on BETA version.

With also a good main page design that quite different from the other exchange. Elegant and simple.”
if you were cryptocurrency exchange owner question

We decided to reward our user as we are grateful and impressed by his ideas and involvement! Congratulations!

We have announced the open beta release dates!

upgrade coincasso open beta september october

👉September 23rd – the optimistic date
👉October 4th – the conservative date

Thank you for being with us! Have a great weekend everybody!

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