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So here it is! September! First week become extremely strongly and we have no doubts that’s only the beginning of what is waiting for us during this month! So here we go!

We have published the next information from the series “ Top 9 interesting facts you need to know about Bitcoin”

This time we revealed the Bitcoin’s dualism as simultaneously traceable untraceable.

bitcoin interesting facts steps untraceable coin
When making Bitcoin transactions, your name/identity is not used in any form. Only your public address is available 🧐🧐
👉The Bitcoin blockchain is a permanent ledger which is transparent. If anyone knows your Bitcoin public address, they can see how many bitcoins you hold and what transactions you have made.
👉It’s how the FBI was able to bust the owner of the Silk Road.
👉If users of Bitcoin want to hide their public address or IP, it can be done by using services like or a VPN.

We have revealed our trading app view for CoinCasso 2.0

guess what bitcoin wallet exchange mobile app
As the optimistic date of implementing beta version of CoinCasso 2.0 is coming, we have started to reveal as the particular products will look like and what we work on currently.

We have presented the Trading Pairs View of our Trading App

trading app google apple pairs view coincasso
We have revealed the next secret as we want you to know that our works regarding CoinCasso 2.0 don’t stop even on a minute!

We have created for you special contest! Again we give away our CCX tokens!

newsletter information crypto game blockchain
The contest was very special because we created for you the panoramic graphic of the universe where you were supposed to find golden coins 🙂 As we seemed you liked this game a lot! 🙂

We have created for you a special infographic how to earn Bitcoin 🙂

how to earn bitcoin 6 ways get free

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