CoinCasso Newsletter – Episode 17 | CoinCasso Exchange

The next week has passed! Check what happened in the last 7 days.

We showed you the Exchange View for CoinCasso 2.0!

coincasso exchange view new layout upgrade
You ask us constantly, how we are doing with CoinCasso 2.0. So as we don’t want to keep you in suspense we decided to reveal a little bit and present you the landing page of CoinCasso 2.0 view. As far as we know you like it a lot 🙂

We presented the Wallets View for CoinCasso 2.0.

wallets view coincasso upgrade bitcoin trading platform
While we are on a roll we decided to present a little bit more regarding CoinCasso 2.0. That is why we presented you how the View of the Wallets will look like for 2.0 version. Thank you for your opinions.

Paweł Jarzębowski Simple and transparent 🙂

Michał Skowroński Genius, simple style. Clear form. Congratulations 👏👍

We reminded you why it is worth to invest in CCX token

ccx tokens benefits worth holder advantages
👉 CCX tokens, give you an opportunity to get lower commissions for transactions on the CoinCasso Exchange Platform
👉 CCX tokens give you an opportunity to earn a larger commission for affiliation
👉 Being part of the community and having a real impact on project development
👉 CCX tokens give you the opportunity to purchase membership packages that give you a chance to profit from the benefits of the CoinCasso Group product
👉 Every CCX token holder becomes the owner of 80% of the profits of the entire CoinCasso infrastructure

Our application has been released on AppBrain platform

appbrain score ccwallet coincasso mobile app
Our cryptocurrency wallet – CCWallet has been added on AppBrain platform and received 97/100 score!

Thank you for being with us during this week! We are looking forward to the next week full of challenges and achievements!

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