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The next week passed and as always brought new challenges for CoinCasso team? You want to know what kind? Read our newsletter!

We change our Social Media for you!

This week we have changed a policy of making posts on our Social Media. We know that interest and a huge need for specialized posts, showing the trading rules, statistics and connected with the world of cryptocurrency has been rising. To meet the needs of our users, we have presented the first set of specialist knowledge posts.

1. Fees in the biggest banks of America vs Bitcoin fees

world leading banks fees vs bitcoin fees comparison
We presented for you the rank of fees obtained in the biggest banks of America vs fees required for Bitcoin.

  • Bank of America = $35
  • Chase = $40
  • HSBC Bank = $35
  • Wells Fargo = $45
  • Bitcoin = $0.70 atm
2. We explained the meaning of hossa and bessa, nowadays increasingly functioning as a replacement for bears market and bulls market term

hossa bessa market bitcoin explained definition
👉 Hossa also called as “bull’s market”. It means a prolonged increase period of securities’ price or commodities listed on a given exchange.
👉 Bessa – the opposite of Hossa. Also called as “bear’s market”. It means a long-term dominance of supply and thus a long-term decline in the exchange price of securities or commodities.

3. We explained the differences between centralized and decentralized networks

centralized decentralized networks comparison explained
👉A decentralized network offers a wide range of benefits over the more conventional centralized network, including increased system reliability, scale, and privacy.
👉Centralized network architecture is built around a single server that handles all the major processing.

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