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This is the XVth time when we inform you about the news from the last week:) So here we go!

A little reminder – types of order!

place on our exchange stop limit order instant trading
👉stop order
Purchase/sell will be done when the price slides or rises to the determined level.

👉limit order
You can buy or sell a cryptocurrency only at a specific price, lower/higher than the one on the market.

👉stop limit
A hidden type of order. Once the market price reaches a stop limit order price, it is executed.

👉instant order
It is realised immediately under the current price in the market.

If you want to get to know more we recommend our article about the basics of cryptocurrency trading.

We have prepared for you the next Q&A

question answer team coincasso news
As our Q&A is incredibly popular among our community we decided to prepare the next series.
Thank you for all your questions which are crucial regarding our exchange, CCX tokens and benefits. All answers have been prepared by us and released soon!

The refreshed layout and content on has been prepared!

new layout coincasso exchange platform

We have been preparing the rebranding of our layout and content on! We want to release it before the implementation of coincasso exchange 2.0.

Time to start the second week of August! Stay with us and be prepared for the next newsletter in one week time!

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