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Those weeks were full of very exciting info & news! We are happy we can boast of it in our weekly newsletter!

At first, we would like to apologise for missing last week newsletter. However, during that time we were pretty busy making new business contacts and strengthen the bond with the current ones.

So! Let’s start to sum up what happened during the last 2 weeks.

Comparison, preparation & Facebook skin
At first, we compared different cryptocurrency exchanges. It turns out, that we have nothing to be ashamed of! 😀

We were preparing ourselves for AIBC Summit on Malta to provide the best answers for questions and to strengthen brand awareness.
double newsletter malta blockchain summit winter edition

But meanwhile, we created a new skin for CoinCasso fans for facebook.
coincasso facebook layer cover photo

Malta AIBC Summit
Then, on Wednesday most of us went to Malta and came back on Saturday.
Here are some photos from the AIBC Summit – the most exciting event for all of the blockchain technology fans!
Firstly, some photos from the summit itself:
coincasso team malta blockchain summit
coincasso team malta aibc event exhibition
coincasso all over the world malta bag
bogdan sinicki coincasso exhibition

However, we have also some more chilled out photos. Here we go!
coincasso team photo at malta november 2019
karolina coincasso team malta intercontinental
coincasso team dinner at malta blockchain summit
karolina roof coincasso crypto exchange platform
coincasso the wall photo team women power

What’s more, one person from our team had a great opportunity to meet the real star of the event – Akon, who besides being a famous singer, is a co-founder of Akoin.
bogdan sinicki akon malta acoin photo celebrity
You can read more about our impressions and comments here.

Important announcements
Moreover, during last week a few important things were announced.

At first, we decided to end ICO. Right now, tokens for $2,5 are for sale. They are remains of the bounty program. The sale will last till the end of a year or till stocks run out.
Only 494 600 tokens left.
the end of ico price token 2.5 usd buy

What’s more, we decided to burn some tokens.
Due to the change in financing strategy focusing on strategic and institutional investors. At the end of the ICO, we added tokens from the bounty program. After a full analysis, the estimated pool of tokens involved in freezing is a maximum of about 10 million units. We decided that we would keep another 10 million for strategic investors for the next year. However, they will not participate in the distribution of profits until such an investor is activated. We burned other tokens. The current number of tokens available on the blockchain is 20 million units with the appearance of profits, we will be burning more tokens.
burn tokens ccx coincasso exchange ico

Moreover, we have an extra promotion for our exchange users!
20% of extra bonus to bought CCX tokens bought by bitcoin purchased on our cryptocurrency exchange. Only until 18th of November 2019! You can find the instruction on how to do it under the following link????:
How to get 20% of bonus CCX tokens?
extra bonus 20 percentage november ccx token
See you next week!

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