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Looking for a secure storage solution for all your valuable data? Well, here you go with an exclusive backup tool or a hardware wallet, that enables you to secure all your significant data. The Cryptosteel wallet or capsule is a great innovation in the hardware wallet market. You can store your recovery seed on this robust hardware wallet device in order to achieve exclusive safety. The cassette is designed to meet the extremities of environmental conditions. Moreover, it has some of the most exclusive aspects that you will learn in the upcoming sections.

What is Cryptosteel Wallet?

Let’s begin this article by understanding what a Cryptosteel capsule or wallet is. Firstly, it is one of the best wallets for storing private keys along with passwords and recovery seed for crypto-wallets. The Cryptosteel mnemonic is a unique device designed to prevent any third party involvement. Unlike other hardware wallets, this one has used an age-old concept of engraving that has further given a contemporary touch through DIY assembly format as well as materials. The use of robust materials like steel and tiles make it fire-resistant, stainless and also prevents rust. Its capacity to resist fire is up to 1200°C for unexpected instances.

Cryptosteel Laptop
Cryptosteel on Laptop (source:

The Philosophy Behind Cryptosteel 

An important question that comes to mind is what led to the creation of something so exclusive and effective. Well, the makers behind this unique wallet desired to resolve the issues of Bitcoin users to maintain a backup for their seed phrases. However, they ended up making something useful for various crypto users as well as crypto exchanges. The device prevents the shortcomings of security in the age of technology. Considering the support extended by various crypto users, the Cryptosteel capsule ultimately came into existence. These capsules are compatible with various algorithms as well as wallets like KeepKey, Trezor and Ledger.

Cryptosteel With Trezor T
Cryptosteel With Trezor T (source:

The Innovators Behind Cryptosteel! 

The Cryptosteel capsule has been created in Poland through a successful crowdfunding project initiated by their parent company- Sword ltd. Furthermore, the offline metal backup was also supported by Blockstream, which is a leading technology company. Came into existence in 2017, the platform was created in order to help people secure their keys. The idea was to use hardware wallet products in order to secure recovery phrase as well as data. Cryptosteel currently has a substantial stock of capsules to ensure adequate supply globally.

How Are Cryptosteel Wallets Manufactured?

The bit for Cryptosteel cassette are developed in Poland, Europe, unlike other products that are directed to China for manufacturing.

As the entire product is manufactured in the company’s in-house units, they can make the product perfect at the same time. An exclusive emphasis on the quality of their items allows the company to add their contribution to the economy as well. One of the most interesting aspects of Cryptosteel hardware wallets is that they have amazing packaging. The packaging is based on the artwork created by French and Japanese artist Rafael Akahira. Their packaging design truly embodies the thought and inspiration behind the device. The sticker and other aspects of the packaging make it look stunning.

Cryptosteel Closed
Cryptosteel Closed (source:

The Way to Use Cryptosteel Mnemonic! 

In order to use the cassette, all you need to do is open it and expand the hinged front as well as reality panels. Next, follow the step-by-step order to continue the use of the items.

  1. Get the unit by unlocking it. You need to move the screw in the counter clock direction towards the horizontal direction.
  2. Further, you need to let go of the lever. In order to do so, you can use tiles to push the lever present within the long slot.
  3. Next up you need to get the frame out. Ensure the lever is pressed while you get the frame out.
  4. Add the letter tiles. You need to enter the confidential information and also ensure that you have loaded all the rows. In order to store security seed phrases, you simply need to add the initial 4 characters. In case the word persists only 3 characters, then take a blank tile to complete the remaining space. Place the tiles of the characters on a smooth surface before getting them back on the slots. Use capital letters to add the information. Ensure the use of both panels.
  5. Seal the Cassette. You need to close the frame and move the screw clockwise in a vertical way. It’s just the opposite of the way you opened it. Don’t forget to add a padlock to prevent any falling off the words tiles.

How does Cryptosteel Work?

Cryptosteel capsule, a pocket-sized device made of stainless steel is a security capsule that allows you to store different kinds of important information including credit card details, recovery phrase, Bitcoin seed phrase and various other safety items. The capsule allows you to stamp the characters within the tiles and further attain exceptional longevity. These passwords, codes or any other information is assembled through partially random tiles set. You can lock a desired sequence in the Cryptosteel unit in order to achieve permanent storage in every condition. No matter if there is a house fire or earthquake, the capsule is the best way to keep the information perfectly safe.

The Cryptosteel cassette has a set of more than 800 stainless steel tiles with printable ASCII characters that are engraved on a specific side. Anyone can save more than 123 characters of information and nothing is going to get damaged. The Cryptosteel cassette can lock valuable data up to 96 characters. The product can be used with varying letter packs.

How to Open Cryptosteel?

You can begin using the capsules quite instantly as the shipping is done and you have received the order. In order to add the characters and secure the sensitive recovery seed, you can follow the steps given above. Moreover, add a fastener once the tiles are secured. The wallet takes a little longer to open, hence if you need recovery seeds early, then understand the opening of the Cryptosteel capsule. Various review sites show that Cryptosteel opening is simple but a little lengthy.

Cryptosteel Unlocked With Letters
Cryptosteel Unlocked With Letters (source:

Where to Buy Cryptosteel?

You can buy Cryptosteel capsules at the official website that would offer free shipping on required stock purchases. Also, there is only one color option i.e. steel grey. However, you might find extensive alternatives to the main product on the official website. Review each option and then make the choice.

Types of Keys to Store on Cryptosteel.  

It is one of the hardware wallets that is suitable with numerous formats and words for securing information and private keys. Take a look at various formats it supports.

  1. BIP39 including 12-word recovery seeds without abbreviation.
  2. BIP39 with 4 -letter abbreviations for 20 recovery seeds.
  3. BIP32
  4. Shamir Backup SLIP0039
  5. Monero Mnemonic Seeds
  6. WIF
  7. PINs
  8. Random ASCII Passwords
  9. GPS Coordinates
  10. Insurance Account Digits
  11. Bank Account Credentials
  12. Master Passwords
  13. Rainbow Codes
  14. Haiku & Poems
  15. Elliptic Curve Codes and more.
Cryptosteel Mix
Cryptosteel Mix (source:

Why Do You Need CryptoSteel Capsules?

If you are dealing in any cryptocurrency exchanges or such risky financial markets and platforms, then having this wallet or a stock of it, is critical. This backup tool is perfect for autonomous storage options for Bitcoin recovery codes and much more. As a cryptocurrency exchange, CoinCasso highlights the use of Cryptosteel. The design of this solid metal vault is extremely robust and further makes sure you get the right security solution. Moreover, the design is hacker-proof.

Features of Cryptosteel Capsule 

There is a different model and product options in the Cryptosteel stock, so there can be a certain little variation in the features, however, the basic model includes the capacity to hold 24 four-digit mnemonics as well as 245 capital letter tiles. Besides that, it has empty floor tiles to help in creating 3 letter mnemonic words. Moreover, the features of all the Cryptosteel products are way more interesting and exclusive than the Cryptosteel alternative. You can review the features to find the best choice for your requirement.

Cryptosteel Capsule Sliding Tiles
Cryptosteel Capsule Sliding Tiles (source:

Benefits of Cryptosteel Mnemonic

Being one of the famed indestructible wallets, Cryptosteel has numerous benefits to offer. You can stay assured about the safety of their personal information that might affect their finances. The structure makes sure that the passwords are stored easily. Moreover, its compatibility with Ledger Nano S & X along with two of the Trezor models makes it highly useful and desirable. The best aspect of the Cryptosteel capsule is that any word will not be displayed directly, which is not much prevalent in the Cryptosteel alternative options.

What to Expect From Cryptosteel?

Centralization of information may result in a higher risk to the integrity of the letters and the value they persist. Hence, Cryptosteel stock or storage models would enable a hardware ledger or record of their Bitcoin key to secure digital assets and other passwords.

Quality, Safety & Discretion

Cryptosteel is a Poland based innovation from a team of expert metallurgists, who deliver finished wallet products with exceptional quality. Made through superior quality materials, Cryptosteel assured a higher rate of efficiency and lasting safety to your passwords. The ASI 304 stainless steel is used in the production, which makes the wallet corrosion and fire resistant along with light-weight. You can keep it in a safe location and further ensure absolute discretion.

The Plates

The exclusive backup wallet is equipped with character plates i.e. are one of the most crucial aspects of the product. Each unit consists of a stock of plates that are equipped with ASCII characters of up to 96 variables. These also include special characters and numbers. It offers a complete set of characters for all types of wallet recovery seeds and most of the hexadecimal strings until 123 characters as well as 55 characters of random ASCII strings. These plates have a deep imprint of tiles to extend the highest level of durability. With large fonts, reading becomes easy. Also, the small or lowercase letters have distinction based on graphical design. Each capsule orders also have closure plates that can be used as a fastener. Overall, the plates are extremely sturdy and useful.

Cryptosteel Letter Container Detail
Cryptosteel Letter Container Detail (source:

Germain Stainless Steel Use

The dexterity of the Cryptosteel capsule can be ascertained from the perfect use of Germain Stainless steel in use. The bit of the capsules are produced from grade 303, 316 and 304 of the steel. 304 grade of stainless steel would promote features such as heat-prevention, strength and prevention from wear and tear. The 316 graded steel offers exclusive prevention from corrosion. The 303-grade steel is suited for its machinability and hence delivers exquisite benefits. With these steel grades and German steel technology, you have the perfect device on board.

Heat Test Of The Capsule

The Cryptosteel cassette has been passed through various tests. After years of research and development, the exclusive capsule has come into function. Your word-based passwords are safe. Cryptosteel has been tested under various heat tests to ensure that it is safe under extreme conditions as well. After passing the final tests, the product was made ready to be delivered in different countries through shipping. The product is mostly exported to a country with the highest crypto users like America.

High Flexibility

With perfect use of adjustable separators, the capsule excels in the Cryptosteel alternative. Most of the alternatives would offer simply 96 letters, however, this one takes flexibility to another stage with 123 character capacity. You can add a random password or a list of passwords and save the backup for eternity. The edition let’s pursue a 12-word mnemonic seed or initial 4 letters of a mnemonic seed formed from 25 words phrases.

The Best Use of Cryptosteel  

To secure your Bitcoin address acquired from CoinCasso crypto exchange, you can use this exclusive device. You can keep informed of different wallets like CCWalletapp. You can also enhance the level of security by securing the different wallets in various locations. It’s also crucial to separate the crypto wallets so that in case a threat takes place, you and your data have minimal impact. Get the required stock of these exclusive cassettes and keep the list of your passwords safe. The long term storage features of Cryptosteel secure critical Bitcoin key and make their digital transactions safe.

Buy Crypto Coincasso

Pros & Cons

The Pros

  • Unlimited variety of tiles to foster a different combination of passwords and word.
  • Exclusive lifetime guarantee that fosters exceptional satisfaction.

The Cons

  • Could be a little expensive.
  • In absence of a plate closure, the tray could spill.

Take Away!

All in all, the Cryptosteel is unique and highly beneficial to secure your passwords for cryptocurrency tools. As the complete safeguarding process is performed offline, your information and valuable assets are free of any online security breach. Get the right deal with free shipping for better returns. CoinCasso crypto exchange and various other platforms have found implementing the device for password protection. Get more insights and news at Coincasso!

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