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The Stimulus plan


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Source: Coindesk BPI

The first publication concerns that The Stimulus plan stabilizes global markets while crypto falls. If you are constantly observing cryptocurrency prices then you know that there was a huge Spike and then a dip 30 minutes later yesterday morning in Bitcoin from $6,900 per Bitcoin down to $6,500

The price of BTC was up over $6,900 and then dropped back down to $6,500 within a very short time frame. Basically this article just gets into the statistics of how the stock market and how cryptocurrencies reacted to The Stimulus.

Why the US’ $2 Trillion Stimulus, Unlimited QE Will Expose the Monetary System’s Flaws

This one’s more of an opinion article. It says why the US’s two trillion dollar stimulus package, unlimited quarterly earnings, will expose the monetary systems flaws. 

The most important issues in this article are to answer the questions of: Whether fiscal and monetary stimulus can lead to inflation? Why did the appearance of a digital Dollar in early stimulus proposals was a huge surprise to everybody? And why trust in governments and financial institutions is likely to achieve new lows in the wake of covid-19?

This article is actually a podcast.  It’s a very interesting point of view on how the USA is actually reacting to this stimulus package as well as other markets. It seems with all of the things going on in the world and people being forced to stay home, people are more open to internet-based technologies, for example watching Netflix at home.

Also, if you’ve been staying up to date with current events, NASCAR is actually moving to Esports this season finishing off the rest of the season while drivers are using simulators. All of these things correlate because people are realizing the internet-based things like movies, video games and even money like cryptocurrencies all seem to be better options than the traditional mediums.

Devs Plot Launch of Telegram’s Blockchain Without Company’s Involvement

The last article is about a popular social media platform Telegram. This publication states that developers plot the launch of Telegram’s blockchain without the company’s involvement.

On Tuesday US District Court, Judge Kevin P Castle in New York ruled in in favor of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) , which asked the court to deem telegrams blockchain token, named Grams, to be Securities and to halt their issuance to investors in a $1.7 billion token sale.  Telegram filed a notice that it would appeal the decision.

Telegram is introducing tokens that work very similar to equities and share in a company. That’s why the SEC wants to deem this as an equity. But they can still create this blockchain without the company’s approval.

It’s really interesting seeing these government agencies trying to block blockchain technology, by classifying it to something that they’re more familiar with, even though it’s on a decentralized network.

These 3 publications are proof of how the crypto world is changing and functioning. We try to provide you with the latest information on cryptocurrencies, trading and other market-related facts. Therefore, follow us and know more!

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