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Swipe (SXP) is an increasingly popular token in the cryptocurrency community. What makes SXP special? Why is it worth buying SXP? Read on to find out more.

Swipe – what is it?

Swipe is a digital wallet with a Visa debit card that allows users to buy and sell digital currencies. The application uses the Ethereum blockchain to operate the Swipe network. What distinguishes Swipe from other projects? The application uses the native Swipe token (SXP). Additionally, the platform allows both in-chain and off-chain transactions. Off-chain cryptocurrencies can be instantly converted to fiat currencies (EUR, USD). When Swipe Network is activated on the platform, users automatically receive a wallet smart contract that uses an SXP token when running. As the wallet works on the Swipe Network, 80% of the transaction fees charged on SXP are burned. Due to the deflationary business model, there are fewer and fewer SXP tokens in circulation, and their price is regularly increasing.

The platform gives users the ability to convert various cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies on demand. Converting cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies takes only seconds. The purpose of the platform is to popularize cryptocurrencies and introduce them to the mainstream of finance. According to the founders, it will be possible thanks to the combination of existing payment networks with cryptocurrencies.

Swipe allows users to deposit cryptocurrencies in Swipe wallets which allow those funds to be spent instantly in fiat currencies. They can be spent when using traditional Visa debit cards.

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Swipe application – what makes it different?

Swipe is becoming more and more popular month by month among cryptocurrency users. That is not surprising. The application allows you to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiats in real time. The conversion is approved in just a few seconds. Another advantage of Swipe is the convenience of use – the Swipe Visa card works anywhere in the world. Therefore, it is an extremely useful application when traveling. The safety of funds is ensured by fiduciary insurance, certified by PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

Swipe – how does it work?

As we mentioned, the Swipe network can operate on and off the chain. The user can activate access to the Swipe Network with a deposit of 1 SXP. When trades are made on the Swipe network, 80% of the transaction fees in SXP tokens are automatically burned by the smart contract. In the future, Swipe plans to introduce Proof-of-Stake charging.

SXP token – what is it?

SXP is a native Swipe token. It was created to confirm transactions concluded on the Swipe platform. What are the uses of the SXP token? Users can store SXP tokens in their wallets and use them to pay with fiat currencies. They can also freeze SXP tokens and receive additional discounts on transaction fees. If a given user wants to gain access to higher-level debit cards and higher discounts, he is obliged to freeze SXP tokens.

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SXP token – price

The SXP token went public in September 2019 and was priced at just $ 0.24. However, in November of the same year, the SXP saw a significant increase and its price broke the $ 2 mark. In the following months, we observed slight fluctuations in the SXP price, ranging from $ 1 to $ 2. The upward trend in the SXP price began in July 2020. It was then that the SXP price rose from $ 0.7 to as much as $ 2.94, reaching its ATH (All Time High, all-time high).

Swipe (SXP) token – why is it worth it?

New tokens appear almost every day in the world of cryptocurrencies. Why is it worth buying SXP? This token is distinguished by technologically advanced solutions and a platform that has gained the recognition of crypto traders. Swipe supports the adoption of cryptocurrencies on a large scale. And the greater popularity of the application may translate into an increasingly higher price of the token.

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