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The price of Ethereum rise above 60% with 7d change, which immediately caused Ethereum entry into the top 100 assets in the world by market cap. The other digital asset on that list is Bitcoin (BTC).

The price of Ether crossed $1,200 USD today, for the first time since Jan 2018 which brings Ethereum closer and close to reaching the ATH (All Time High) which amounted to $1,432 USD.  This year’s gains translate into a $53 billion increase in Ethereum’s market cap, enough for it to overtake the market cap of several household conglomerates, including Wells Fargo, Bank of China, Philip Morris, Morgan Stanley, and Sony.

Ethereum & Other Assets

The only cryptocurrency to date on this Market Cap list is Bitcoin (BTC). Which also does great, overtaking big companies such as Visa and Samsung with the Market Cap about the quantity $687.76 B USD.

Bitcoin & other Assets

Companies MarketCap is not associated with CoinMarketCap. CompaniesMarketCap tracts the value of publicly traded companies around the world and lists them in order of market cap size. The website arranges the market caps of companies, precious metals, multiplying their price by total tonnage of supply. 

Many investors receive the rapidly growing price of Ethereum as a sign that the Altcoin season is beginning. What is pretty obvious, that ETH is the most popular and significant cryptocurrency of all altcoins. More and more people are getting interested in investing and buying Ether

The just started 2021 year announces as an outbreaking and very good year for the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin (BTC)  just reached its new ATH (All Time High) 38,111.40 USD and is still in an upward trend. 

Is it possible that Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin in the market cap ranking? To gain that, the price of Ethereum would have to raise BTC five times and the ETH 24h volume would have to increase twice. It is not impossible, but it clearly takes time.

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