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What a great week it was for cryptocurrencies! Bitcoin price increased about $1000, and altcoins have naturally followed “the king of crypto”. Facebook is about to create a cryptocurrency for WhatsApp’s internal money transactions, Trump chooses new “pro Bitcoin” Chief of Staff, Dubai is supposed to become a new home for cryptocurrencies. Check out what happened recently in the crypto world!

New “pro-Bitcoin” Chief of Staff in the USA

Mick Mulvaney has been chosen by Donald Trump as a new Chief of Staff. This change may influence the adoption of cryptocurrencies in the long term, as Mulvaney is known for his strongly positive attitude towards Bitcoin. “Bitcoin is good, governments can not manipulate it”, he stated.


TRON to start “Tron Arcade” project

Recently, we have informed about Justin Sun’s plans for implementing TRON Arcade project. Finally, TRON announced its start. It is a branch focused on blockchain based games, and it will be allocated 100 million dollars. Its purpose is to unlock the blockchain on the gaming market and accelerate its market penetration in this sector. The Fund will be available to developers who want to work full-time over blockchain games based on the TRON platform.

Cryptocurrencies on a rise

Cryptocurrencies price are rapidly going up recently! Bitcoin went up from about 3284 USD on 17 Dec, 10:39:00 UTC+1 to about 4241 USD a week later! With the price of Bitcoin going up, altcoins have followed this most well-known cryptocurrency. One of the heroes of the week is also Bitcoin Cash, which prices increased by about 250%.


Western Union ready to accept crypto

The President of the Western Union, Odilon Almeida, claims that the company “is ready to accept any form of currency” What’s more, he states that there are no major differences between cryptocurrencies and ordinary digital transfers. In addition, Western Union stated that it started testing the Ripple blockchain to see if it can actually deliver faster and more efficient transfers.

Facebook is about to create cryptocurrency for WhatsApp

Bloomberg claims that Facebook creates its own Stablecoin for WhatsApp. It is to be used for money transactions inside the application, and it is going to focus on India market. Bloomberg states that we are not going to experience this implementation very soon, first, Facebook has to find an idea on how to link Stablecoin with some assets.

Dubai to become a capital of cryptocurrencies and blockchain?

The UAE regulatory have approved cryptographic tokens as securities. What’s more, Dubai authorities claim to introduce legal solutions for adapting cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology in early 2019. These regulations will be focused mainly on carrying out ICO and emission of tokens. Time will tell whether Dubai will soon become a real competition for the most blockchain-friendly countries such as Malta and Estonia.

Qtum awarded Columbia University $400,000 for research

The aim of the research is to be the development of a new programming language supplementing the smart contracts in the Ethereum network. This language is called DeepSEA and can be integrated with smart Ethereum to provide more “credible, independent and easier to adopt” infrastructure.

Two Atari games to be implemented in blockchain versions

According to a press release, Atari resold the licenses to publish 2 games: “RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch” and “Goon Squad” in blockchain-based versions. Decentralization of titles will be dealt with by Animoca.

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