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Do you think of buying cryptocurrencies? Do you wait for the best investment opportunities? Do you think now is the best time for you to buy Bitcoin? A lot has happened in 10 days! We’ve seen massive market fluctuations and we’ve observed the price of Bitcoin drop from over $9,000 to below 5,000 dollars. In addition, there has been an economic collapse in the United States, but it is now rebounding.

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Bitcoin price dependence

When cryptocurrency prices fluctuate. When things go down, and up, and down, and up, but the normal market stays the same and consistent. That just means there’s a singular event that’s happening in cryptocurrency. Whether it’s a news article or in confidence in the market. These things come and go because this is a new currency, but when you see a drop in the cryptocurrency world, and then you see a drop in the financial world, the S&P500 the NASDAQ the Dow Jones, you know that there’s got to be some sort of correlation. Then when you see the normal market going back up immediately, this is what we call a correction in the industry, a huge drop and a huge increase.

We saw the same thing in the cryptocurrency world. We’re starting to see mimics of the market and cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency went down and shot right back up and it has been trading sideways for the last 5 days. Which is a very good indicator that market confidence has returned. The economy is going to get back to normal. Everything’s going to stabilize and we’re going to start our upwards climb one more time. 

How to start investing?

Predicting the bottom of the market is near impossible unless you’re Nostradamus, but, if you see the bottom hit and then start coming back up without too much of an increase where you lose your opportunity, and you start seeing what we’re seeing now. You can pretty much assume that there’s not going to be any more dramatic drops, but there could be a dramatic increase because of the price that Bitcoin just came from.

You should do your own financial research on your own investments. Investing is risky. You could lose everything. Do not invest money that you are not willing to lose. 

We have a lot of room for improvement in the cryptocurrency markets, especially in Bitcoin. So if you take any money that you have lying around sitting in your bank and invest in Bitcoin, I think that in the next 30 to 90 days, we should see a massive upswing in the cryptocurrency markets. 

So if you want to start the adventure with crypto, you should get on the internet and read articles published in the last 10 days about Bitcoin and every news related to cryptocurrencies. This will make you know more about it before you make an investment. 

Why should you buy Bitcoin?

We haven’t seen prices like this in a really long time and if you think about Black Friday, Christmas time, everything is on sale. So people buy up everything. Basically, bitcoin’s price went down and it’s on sale. So you might as well grab your opportunity now, start investing, and then the next 60 to 90 days you should see an upswing. This is definitely a long-term position to hold. If you look at the analytics of Bitcoin and the projections over 10, 15, 20 years. The numbers will blow you away, and it’s at such a low entry-level right now at $5,000, if the price does go up to $100,000 per Bitcoin you literally made 25 thousand percent profit. 

This is an opportunity. It’s risky. I understand. It’s up to you. What decision are you going to make? Is it time to buy? Is it time to wait? Is it time to sell? 

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