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The year 2018 is getting closer and closer to its end! What happened during Christmas week in the cryptocurrency world? As usual, quite a lot! Italy and USA implement blockchain strategies on the state level, 14% of Chinese citizens claimed to invest in crypto, Litecoin became a sponsor of UFC fight! Check out our summary of news from the last week:

US Defense Department: Blockchain to be introduced for rescue operations

According to the press release, which was published on December 21st, USA Defense Department claims that blockchain technology is characterised by a vast potential related to actions aimed at restoring order after disasters.

In the USA, different units and special departments have been trained in the possibilities offered by blockchain technology in various rescue operations.

Litecoin became an official partner of UFC fight!

Litecoin foundation has lately sponsored a UFC fight of the night (Jones vs Gustaffson 2)! The match took place on Saturday, 29th December in California. Litecoin is the first cryptocurrency which became the Official Cryptocurrency Partner of UFC fight. On Litecoin’s official site, founders claim this event to be a milestone which thanks to millions of viewers will bring this crypto project a global awareness, especially among people who haven’t heard about cryptocurrencies before.

$575 million fine for 15 years of fraud

Californian Wells Fargo bank, admitted to systematically cheating his clients over the past 15 years. In June, the authorities of the bank decided to close accounts of people when they buy bitcoin with credit card. The company has been punished as much as $575 million in fines!

1 out of 7 Chinese citizens invested in cryptocurrencies

According to a research made by Panews company on a sample of 4,200 Chinese citizens, as many as 14% of them invested in cryptocurrencies, and 98% admitted to possessing basic knowledge about the world of crypto and Bitcoin. Taking into account that the Chinese population is equal to about 1.4 billion, we can loosely estimate that as many as 200 million Chinese have invested in the cryptocurrencies!

Earlier, we reported that Chinese cryptocurrency traders account for approximately 11% of users from around the world, after the US and Russia (around 30% and 15% respectively).

Samsung applies to register “Samsung Crypto Wallet” trademark

Samsung has filed a trademark application with the UK Intellectual Property Office, with the name of the trademark “Samsung Crypto Wallet”. However, a few weeks ago, Samsung denied that in the Samsung Galaxy S10, a cryptocurrency wallet is going to be built in.

Italy implements blockchain strategies at the state level

The Italian authorities have created a national development strategy in connection with the technology of the distributed registry and blockchain. Thirty experts have been chosen to support Italy in implementing the procedure at the state level.

“Emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain are intended to radically change our lives, the society in which we live and the economic and productive fabric of the country”, said a few months ago Luigi di Malo, Italian deputy prime minister.

National Bank of Kuwait joined the Ripple network

The National Bank of Kuwait has joined the Ripple‘s international transactional network. According to the authorities of the bank, it is planned to initiate remittances – NBK Direct Remit – which will allow instant sending of money through blockchain.

India may legalize crypto under strict regulations

Local Indian newspapers report that the Indian government is working on legalizing cryptocurrencies under strict regulatory measures. The information is so far laconic and comes from anonymous sources.

“We have already had two meetings. There is a general consensus that cryptocurrency cannot be dismissed as completely illegal. It needs to be legalized with strong riders. Deliberations are on. We will have more clarity soon.”, said an unnamed senior official who spoke with “The New India Express”.

Will India change its mind in the matter of crypto after over a year ago the Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley refused to recognize cryptocurrencies as a “legal tender”. Time will tell.

CoinCasso Group wishes our readers a Happy New Year! May it be an excellent time for crypto! Stay tuned for the next news from the cryptocurrencies world!

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