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How often do you think about cryptocurrencies? Do you constantly check prices, news, blogs, and social media? Do you analyze the price of Bitcoin even while driving a car? Here are ten signs that you’re addicted to cryptocurrencies!

  1. You start the day by checking CoinMarketCap

Are you a crypto passionate and you do not check the CoinMarketCap ranking at least a few times a week? Or maybe you even claim that you have never heard of this website?! We do not believe you! Checking the ranking on CoinMarketCap as the first action after waking up means that you are crazy about cryptocurrencies, but that’s just the beginning!

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2. You constantly log in to your wallet and check how much money you have

Do you really have to do it even when your girlfriend wants to watch a movie? “Honey, wait a minute, I’ll just check if the price of BTC has dropped.” Great choice! Nothing will happen, we know that wallet condition is more important than love. And why watch a movie? A better a new episode of the Bitcoin technical analysis! These 30 minutes a day dedicated to her is enough!

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3. You check prices wherever you are

Are you traveling by tram, bus or car? Maybe it’s worth reading a book, listening to an audiobook (not about crypto), or listening to music? What for! Let’s check the prices! Bitcoin will fall? TRON will increase? You have to calculate how much money you have on the account (point 2)? Oops, 0.00001 BTC? No worries, you will definitely bounce off the bottom!

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4. A minimum of 70% of your thoughts circulate around the crypto during the day

70% is quite a controversial number, and we do not believe that you only think so little about crypto during the day! Is it rather 95%? Do you think about crypto even when you take a shower? It’s probably great… Why wait and wait? Let’s not be calm, the price of Bitcoin will increase tomorrow. No worries, we also hope for it non-stop!

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5. When you get a paycheck, you are wondering how much you will put on the cryptocurrency exchange

Are you waiting for a whole month until you finally get the desired transfer? What will you spend money on? Maybe a gift for friends or a family? Cinema with a girl? Forget about such stupid things! Put the entire payment on the crypto exchange, you will double it tomorrow!

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6. All the time you think about what you will buy for the money you will earn on crypto

Oh, that’s great! Let’s buy a sports car next year! Ooops, Bitcoin went down by several times … no problem, it’s enough for an electric scooter… or possibly a bicycle pump from the tenth birthday!

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7. You want to quit trading, but you return to it all the time

Do you still believe that you will eventually achieve a significant profit? It’s normal, after the storm, the sun always comes out from behind the clouds! If your account balance goes down, it’s obvious that it will eventually bounce back!

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8. You are regularly talking to your friends about crypto

And even on the first date, you mention it! This is an amazing way to pick up! Did not work? It’s not because of talking about crypto, it’s probably something wrong with your wallet balance…

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9. You have an entire folder on your phone dedicated to crypto-related applications

Deleting AngryBirds and Tinder is a great way to save time, isn’t it? For sure, crypto apps don’t steal that much of your day!

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10. You are laughing at the jokes about crypto

Well, except for those in our articles!

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How many of these points apply to you?

If 0-3, how did you get here? You must have mistaken the links… Share your comments with us, how did you get to know about CoinCasso?

If 4-6, you still have a lot of work in front of you… We encourage you to read our blog to find out more about crypto.

If 7-9, it is a good result, congratulations!

And if 10 – we are absolutely proud of you! You do not have life outside crypto, and that’s what it’s all about!

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