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The shadowy, uber technical world of cryptocurrencies can be daunting and off-putting for many laypersons. The technology is continuously evolving and sprouting new heads like a Hydra – no sooner one masters a concept, two more spring up in its place!

While it all might seem very cryptic (pun, intended), crypto coins are the future. And to make sure you make money in the long run, you need to roll up your sleeves and put in the time and effort to understand blockchain and the crypto market.

However, acquiring a deep knowledge of crypto coins doesn’t have to be too difficult. There are many knowledgeable and accurate podcasts available online, giving people from all backgrounds lots of options to stay informed about the crypto market. A simple search on Spotify or Apple Podcasts will pull up hundreds of channels. Naturally, all these choices can be overwhelming, so we have put together a list of the best crypto podcasts to keep you company on your next jog, walk or drive.

Best Podcasts in the Crypto Space

1.  Unchained and Unconfirmed

Frequency: Once a week

Duration: Unchained (1 hour+) Unconfirmed (20 mins)

Recommended for: All types of Crypto enthusiasts, including beginners

Let’s start with an oldie in the crypto space. Hosted by Laura Shin ‘Unchained’ launched in 2016 – making it one of the oldest podcasts on the list. ‘Unconfirmed’  is its sister podcast is also hosted by Laura, and both combined can boast of over 14 million downloads and views.

While ‘Unchained’ is long and deep dives into some of the most relevant topics in the world of crypto such as regulation, security, and privacy; Unconfirmed’ is a crisper, shorter format (20 mins) that focuses on getting the inside scoop on trending news headlines in cryptocurrency.

The New York-based host of both crypto podcasts, Laura Shin, is an independent reporter on all things crypto and blockchain. She was a senior editor at Forbes and covered crypto assets full-time till 2018 when she left to devote herself to her podcasts.

With her reputation, knowledge and followers, Laura’s podcasts regularly featured some of the biggest names in the finance and regulatory landscape as well as industry pioneers in the crypto space.

2. The Bad Crypto Podcast

Frequency: Twice a week

Duration: Each Podcast is between 30 mins to an hour

Recommended for: All types of Crypto enthusiasts, including beginners

Another oldie on the list (it started in 2017), the Bad Crypto Podcast, is nothing like its name! Hosted by Joel Comm and Travis Wright, the podcast is a delightful mix of fun and serious crypto deep dives. The hosts have eclectic tastes and wide-ranging interests – Joel is a bestselling author, NFT expert, blockchain enthusiast, social media marketing strategist, and technologist, and Travis is a top marketing technologist author, keynote speaker, blockchain advisor, and tech journalist.

With their own brand of conversation and discussions, the hosts of the podcast unpack the latest cryptocurrency news, scandals, and crashes with knowledgeable and personal interpretations.

Recording Crypto Podcast

3. The Stephen Livera Podcast

Frequency: Once a week

Duration: Each Podcast is at least an hour+

Recommended for: Most useful for Bitcoin enthusiasts

The world-renowned Bitcoin influencer Stephan Livera’s Podcast leads the crypto space with exceptionally well-crafted educational content. Stephan Livera is an Australian Bitcoin podcaster and a successful entrepreneur and investor in the Crypto world. He is also the Managing Director of Swan Bitcoin International, Co-Founder of Ministry of Nodes, and Partner with Bitcoiner Ventures.

The Stephen Livera Podcast is mainly focused on providing knowledge around Bitcoin technology and economics as that is Stephen’s main area of interest. The crypto podcast has played host to many high-profile Bitcoin, Libertarian, Austrian economics, and Macro guests.

4. What Bitcoin Did

Frequency: Thrice a week

Duration: Each Podcast is at least an hour+

Recommended for: Most useful for Bitcoin enthusiasts

This is just the time to mention another great Bitcoin-centric podcast – ‘What Bitcoin Did’. Hosted by Peter McCormack since 2017, this crypto podcast boasts of a diverse guest list and conversations with the who’s who from the world of Bitcoin.

Peter McCormack is a full-time journalist/podcaster with interests in topics such as Human Rights, Censorship, and Bitcoin. Naturally, nothing is off-limits, and the WBD podcast encourages and explores wide-ranging issues beyond the crypto space of narrow Bitcoin development, privacy, investment, and adoption.

The podcast was one of the first to make its income public and remains committed to bringing unbiased information and opinions to the Bitcoin community.

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5. Crypto 101

Frequency: Once a week

Duration: Each podcast is between 30 mins – 45 mins

Recommended for: Great resource for beginners

Another veteran podcast, ‘Crypto 101,’ does exactly what its name suggests – educate and initiate crypto novices into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Hosted by Bryce Paul, a crypto expert with a proven track record as a business development pro in the cryptocurrency space, and Aaron Malone, a prolific data mining expert, cryptocurrency advisor, and researcher.

Bryce is a well-regarded public speaker and is responsible for establishing crypto and blockchain partnerships between corporates and crypto agencies, while Aaron is a frequent contributor to blockchain projects and a crypto miner.

The podcast is popular with all age groups as Bryce and Aaron both manage to distill the essence of tech-heavy concepts into simpler and understandable ideas.

6. The Pomp Podcast

Frequency: Once a week

Duration: Each podcast can between 30 mins – an hour+

Recommended for: People interested in gaining knowledge from an investor’s point of view

The host of ‘The Pomp Podcast’, Anthony Pompliano, is one of the movers and shakers of the crypto landscape. As an entrepreneur and technology investor, Anthony manages an investment portfolio of over $500 million, and this includes investments in some of the largest crypto companies.

His crypto podcast is well-known for presenting exciting conversations and opinions on cryptocurrency from influential guests and experts across a wide range of topics. ‘The Pomp Podcast’ is unique in the sense that it collates the opinions of successful business people from various backgrounds. The podcast is complimented by a Newsletter – The Pomp Letter – which reaches over 150,000 investors!

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7. Crypto News Alerts and The Breakdown

Frequency: Daily

Duration: Podcast is under 20 mins

Recommended for: Anyone wanting to stay abreast of the news in this sector.

In our final entry, we squeeze together TWO crypto podcasts! The common factor is their format of presenting daily crypto news analysis of the crypto world. The ‘Crypto News Alert’ is hosted by Justin Verrengia and is billed as the one-stop podcast for all the latest Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptocurrency news.

‘The Breakdown’ is hosted by Nathaniel Whittemore and is run by CoinDesk, a trusted media platform in the crypto landscape. While Nathaniel also brings guests on to the Podcast, the focus is on providing meaningful daily analysis of macroeconomics, bitcoin, geopolitics, and big picture power shifts in the world of cryptocurrency.

Honorable Mentions


A great resource for miners and others interested in crypto and blockchain technology and associated topics.

Invest Like the Best

Hosted by pro-investor Patrick O’Shaughnessy; this podcast is specifically designed to be of interest to the investor community. The podcast comprises topics such as market trends, investing strategies, and, of course, some great guests.


One of the oldest – if not the first – crypto podcasts, Epicenter has been around since 2013. Naturally, its archives are a gold mine with conversations around the earliest forays and trends of the blockchain and cryptocurrency world with long chats with some of the pioneers of the entire space.

Untold Stories

Hosted by Charlie Shrem, it gives listeners a peek at the back story of crypto’s most influential leaders.

Crypto Campfire Podcast – Mitch and the Perfesser

A funny and relaxed take on the bitcoin and crypto sector.

So, Which One’s The Best Crypto Podcast?

It seems like we ended with the same questions we started with!

Selecting a podcast (or 2 or 3) to follow is a matter of personal choice. Experts are dishing out absolutely fantastic and very knowledgeable content, and you can’t possibly go wrong with any of the podcasts on our list.

However, to get the best experience, it is recommended that you understand where you are in terms of your Bitcoin and cryptocurrency knowledge and choose a podcast that compliments your interests. If jargon makes you yawn, then a lighter, easier-to-digest podcast might be better for you. Similarly, if time and attention span are limited, then an hour-long conversation is a big no-no.

Spin up a few episodes here and there, and you are sure to find one that clicks. And if listening to these makes you want to invest in crypto coins, then head over to our platform, open an account and buy yourself some coins.

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What is the best cryptocurrency podcast to listen to?

The content landscape is crowded by hundreds of podcasts, and the list above can serve as a starting point for most beginners. The BEST can only be defined by you according to your interests and requirements.

What is a cryptocurrency podcast?

A cryptocurrency podcast is a podcast devoted to the theme of crypto coins and associated topics. Most podcasts feature knowledgeable guests, break down trends, and offer advice and access to information.

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