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How to make money in a bounty program?

Returning to the CoinCasso bounty program, in this article, we would like to show you how you can earn a considerable amount of CCX tokens in a simple way. A bounty program is one of the ways to earn money in the world of cryptocurrencies in which there is no risk involved. If you put in a little effort to advertise our project, it’s a win-win situation – CoinCasso is being promoted, and you get your money in the form of our CCX tokens.

The first thing you have to do to participate in the bounty program is to register on the Bounty0x website and find detailed descriptions of the CoinCasso bounty programs. As we mentioned, you can earn for advertising us in social media on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Reddit, Telegram, as well as for infographics and writing articles.


advantages of coincasso bounty

When registering on Bounty0x, you must provide your cryptocurrency wallet address. To obtain such an address, find any wallet on the Internet, connected 
with one of the cryptocurrencies available on Bounty0x. For example, you can get Ethereum wallet address on MyEtherWallet – if you have a problem with it, our Support Manager ([email protected]) is more than willing to help you. 

my ether wallet bounty program
After registration, all you need to do is to begin completing tasks given in the program description, and then on the Bounty0x, you need to place a link to the social media profile on which you have published the content.

bounty program submission
In most programs, content must be published in English because this language has the largest international extent and the promotion of the CoinCasso project is, in this case, the biggest. Remember to follow the rules and focus on high-quality content, because the amount of the prize depends on the level of quality.

Below is the brief instruction on how to take part in our bounty program:

1. Visit
2. Sign up & fill the basic info and payment address
3. Find bounties (search for a CoinCasso bounty you’d like to participate in)
4. Apply (submit a link to prove completed work)
5. Monitor what has been approved
6. That’s it! Repeat the steps!


CoinCasso articles writing bounty example

In this text, we will focus on giving an example that is related to making CCX tokens by writing articles. For this purpose, we have chosen an article that will earn a certain amount of CCX as part of the bounty program. It was published on Medium by the user “ecamli”.

In this article, “ecamli” presented the most important functionalities and innovations that the CoinCasso holistic project brings. Remember that content must be original, you can not copy it from our whitepaper, blog or any other sources.

The article has been written with proper grammar and design – general introduction presenting current problems of the blockchain industry, smooth transition into a description of the CoinCasso project, and the conclusion in the end. Furthermore, links to our social media have been provided and overall, this article looks like a professional piece which is going to convince some of the readers to take a closer look at the CoinCasso project.

If you’ve never written articles before, you may think that it is difficult; you may not know what to write about. Even if you are sitting an hour above the text and the paper is still empty, do not worry 🙂 Everyone used to start, but the most important thing is to survive these initial difficulties, because of course, almost anyone can write. If you do not know what to write, just write what comes to your mind, and only then edit the text. If you do not feel confident with English, you can help yourself with the free Grammarly program. We also recommend the synonym dictionary

CoinCasso Facebook bounty example

The next way we mentioned is Facebook activity. You can earn CCX tokens via sharing Facebook posts maximum 14 days after they have been published (each share = 1 CCX token). You can get more tokens for publishing positive writings with #CoinCasso hashtag. Dependant on the quality of a post, you can receive from 0 to 25 CCX tokens. Remember to understand the entire rules and read carefully the description of Facebook bounty program here. In this case, a post doesn’t have to be published in English.

Post-translation: Wow! I have invested in this project some time ago and I realized that everything goes into the right direction – the entire #CoinCasso is becoming more and more global! Congratulations team!

As you can see, a post doesn’t have to be very long (but there is nothing wrong with long posts as well), and its aim is to convince readers (in this case Facebook friends) to invest in our project. Sure, if this post had been published for example on a blockchain Facebook group, it would not have looked that much credibly and convincingly but if you inform friends who trust you – not a “random” people – it may definitely do a proper job.

Money, money, money!

With bounty programs, making money in the cryptocurrency environment has never been so easy. Except for Facebook bounty and articles writing bounty programs, we encourage you to take part in other programs. Ready? What are you waiting for? You can receive CCX tokens for spreading information about CoinCasso around the world! Good luck!

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