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CoinCasso gives our members convenient ways to earn money. We are not only allowing you to make profits thanks to buying CCX tokens, but we also give you an opportunity to receive them for making simple tasks! We have announced our bounty program with 1,000,000 CCX in the prize pool. Without further ado, let’s see the details.


CoinCasso Reddit Bounty

Our Reddit

We give away CCX tokens for creating unique posts on Reddit. Just for subscribing us, you can receive 1 CCX. For creating posts (minimum 250 words) – dependant on the quality – you can get from 0 to 83 CCX tokens! The post must be created in English, must pass plagiarism test, and in the best scenario, it should contain links to CoinCasso website and whitepaper. The quality is based on the reach of a post, number of upvotes, technical/grammatical errors, amount of copy/paste information (less the better), comments and comment type, and overall layout. For full details about rewards and rules check out our Reddit bounty offer on Bounty0x.

CoinCasso Facebook Bounty

Our Facebook

Of course, when it comes to social media, we couldn’t miss Facebook in our bounty program. The simplest task is to share our Facebook posts – 1 CCX reward. You can get more CCX for creating posts with hashtag #CoinCasso – from 0 to 25 tokens. You need to have 500+ friends to participate. Check out the details about our Facebook bounty program here.

CoinCasso Infographic Creation Bounty 

In the CoinCasso Infographic Creation Bounty, hunters are rewarded CCX tokens for creating and graphically designing original infographics about CoinCasso. You can receive up to 167 CCX tokens for one infographic! Hunters must publicly post infographic to any social media or cryptocurrency related forum. An infographic contains information;  memes and just pictures with no info do not qualify. Here are some examples of infographics. Check out the details about  CoinCasso Infographic Creation Bounty here.

CoinCasso YouTube Video Creation Bounty

Our YouTube

In CoinCasso YouTube Video Creation bounty, you can get CCX tokens for creating quality videos and for subscribing our YouTube channel. We value the quality of published videos, so try to be creative and surprise us! You can get even 400 CCX tokens for an extraordinary video! Read about our YouTube bounty program on Bounty0x.

CoinCasso Articles Creation Bounty 

You can be rewarded with CCX tokens for writing articles – up to 334 CCX tokens for one high-quality text! What’s more, we give huge bonuses if the article will be placed in a top-tier publication (like for example Forbes or CoinDesk). The article must be at least 500 words long and it should contain at least one reference to CoinCasso. website and whitepaper. Full details here.

CoinCasso Twitter Bounty

Our Twitter

Dependant on a number of your followers on Twitter, you can receive from 2 to 10 CCX tokens for retweeting CoinCasso Tweets. You need to have at least 500 followers to participate. Go to Bounty0x website for more details.

CoinCasso Telegram Bounty

Our Telegram group

In the CoinCasso Telegram Bounty, hunters are rewarded CCXtokens for joining and participating in the CoinCasso Telegram group. Hunters must post at least one message a week in the group. You can receive 2 CCX tokens for joining our group.

CoinCasso LinkedIn Bounty

Our LinkedIn

In this form of a bounty program, you can get CCX tokens for following our LinkedIn profile and posting about CoinCasso. You need to have at least 100 connections to participate and you can receive up to 40 CCX per post. See more here.

CoinCasso Instagram Bounty

Our Instagram

In this program, you can get CCX tokens for following us on Instagram and posting pictures about CoinCasso. The maximum prize is 30 CCX per picture. You need to have at least 300 followers to participate. Interested? Check out more here.


Getting CCX tokens has never been so easy. Let’s promote CoinCasso around the world together. If you decided to participate, we wish you good luck!

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