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Buy Bitcoin NOW [is this the best time to buy]

Do you think of buying cryptocurrencies? Do you wait for the best investment opportunities? Do you think now is the best time for you to buy Bitcoin? A lot has happened in 10 days! We’ve seen massive market fluctuations and

Bitcoin Price Prediction – March 25th 2020

Price prediction of cryptocurrency See our today’s price review for all the most popular digital currencies. In this article, you will learn everything about the current crypto state. We will discuss all relevant facts from the cryptocurrency market and deal

It has happened – Facebook is friendly to cryptocurrencies!

It is more than 10 years since the last serious financial crisis in 2008. The richest people in the world, including Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, are convinced that the next financial crisis will come in the near future. This

JP Morgan CEO called Bitcoin “a scam”. Now the company introduces its own cryptocurrency...

Are you hungry for the next news from the cryptocurrency world? Recently, there are a lot of exciting events happening! There will be a new token in Poland called CoperniCoin, JP Morgan creates its own cryptocurrency, cryptocurrencies are rising, Opera

Binance adds support for Visa and MasterCard!

Let’s take a look at last week’s news summary! Iran implements gold-backed cryptocurrency, Wikipedia introduces new crypto payment method, South Korean exchanges cooperate to prevent money laundering, Binance enables crypto purchases via Visa and MasterCard, the world’s biggest weapon auctions

JP Morgan: Bitcoin price may decrease to below 1300 USD

Emotions after the Davos Conference Week are slowly falling. But it’s not everything that happened during last week in the cryptocurrency environment. There are many interesting predictions, some of them state that the cryptocurrency world needs 11 years to recover

Davos Conference Week gets underway tomorrow, Ethereum’s hard fork postponed!

We are very close to the start of Davos Conference Week 2019! What else has happened recently in the crypto world? Ethereum’s hard fork is postponed to the end of February, Bulgaria wants to control crypto-investors, the first Bitcoin ATM

ETC under attack, a critical bug in Ethereum’s code!

A lot is going on in the crypto world! Hackers carry out an attack on Ethereum Classic and… return stolen money, ETH price goes down 7% after noticing a critical bug, NASA introduce blockchain solutions into air traffic system, Flipside

Co-founder of Stellar and Ripple: 90% of crypto projects are garbage, J. Sun replies!

Jed McCaleb, the co-founder of Stellar and Ripple, called TRON a trash project, Justin Sun responds. Universities are introducing more and more courses related to cryptocurrencies. Will the Thai people vote in the election using blockchain technology? Check what happened

1 out of 7 Chinese citizens invested in crypto, Litecoin sponsored a UFC fight!

The year 2018 is getting closer and closer to its end! What happened during Christmas week in the cryptocurrency world? As usual, quite a lot! Italy and USA implement blockchain strategies on the state level, 14% of Chinese citizens claimed

Cryptocurrencies are rising, Facebook is about to create Stablecoin for WhatsApp!

What a great week it was for cryptocurrencies! Bitcoin price increased about $1000, and altcoins have naturally followed “the king of crypto”. Facebook is about to create a cryptocurrency for WhatsApp’s internal money transactions, Trump chooses new “pro Bitcoin” Chief

“What is Bitcoin” – top search query on Google!

Again, a lot is happening in the cryptocurrency world! Giant companies – Mastercard and PayPal – are about to implement new solutions for blockchain technologies, “What is Bitcoin” is the most popular search query starting from “What is” in the

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