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Porsche implements blockchain into vehicles. Are we facing the revolution?

We continue our series about blockchain’s impact on various industries! Last time, we discussed the healthcare industry. This time we take into consideration the automotive industry. Have you heard about self-driven cars? Imagine driving without the need to control the

The Beatles of Blockchain – blockchain overview part 2!

Welcome to the second part of our blockchain overview! This time we will discuss less known blockchains – Stratis, Wanchain, Quarkchain, and only one more “mainstream” – EOS, which is listed in top 5 at market capitalization ranking at the

How blockchain will revolutionize the healthcare industry?

The history of medicine dates back to prehistoric times. Although today its advancement seems to be lying on a high level, XXI century brings new solutions to this crucial, essential for every human being field. These solutions are named artificial

Fantastic Four – blockchain overview part 1!

After introducing Bitcoin in 2009, blockchain projects have become a global phenomenon. However, many of crypto platforms run on their own blockchains, and today we have prepared part one of a comparison of some of the most well-known blockchains in

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