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Which Bitcoin Exchange To Choose Ing

In recent days, we hear a lot about cryptocurrencies. Positive information about Bitcoin and the hard work of the Ethereum network contributed to a renewed increase in the prices of cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile, which creates a great opportunity for investors. It is widely known that investing in cryptocurrencies at the right time can bring large profits.

If you want to start your adventure with cryptocurrencies, you are surely facing the question “which bitcoin exchange?”. We will help you choose the best cryptocurrency exchange!

What Bitcoin exchange is for me?

If you are just starting your adventure as a trader, you do not know yet what to pay attention to when choosing an exchange. The first cryptocurrency in which beginners most often invest is Bitcoin. Why? This is because of its popularity as well as the fact that it feels like the most secure crypto at the moment. Therefore, the risk of loss seems to be the lowest.

Many novice investors begin their search for an exchange for themselves by checking pages in the style of “cryptocurrency exchanges ranking”. Remember that such rankings may simply be sponsored articles that do not reflect reality at all.

There are currently many cryptocurrency exchanges available. Beginner investors often choose the most popular ones without realizing that they may have better alternatives.

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Bitcoin exchange: how to choose?

Below, we highlight the most important features of a good Bitcoin exchange.

Security more important than ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges

A good cryptocurrency exchange cares about security issues. First, you should find out about the security measures in place. A proven cryptocurrency exchange requires KYC identity verification (it has a policy against money laundering and terrorist financing). The vast majority of cryptocurrency exchanges carry out all transactions using an encrypted HTTPS connection. Majority cryptocurrency exchanges allow their users to log in two-step (using Google Authenticator or SMS).

On our CoinCasso cryptocurrency exchange, all of the above security measures are used. More on this topic can be found on the Security subpage.

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The fees

Do you know how the cryptocurrency exchange works and how it makes its money? Its profits primarily come from transaction fees. Different exchanges charge their users different amounts of fees (transaction fees). CoinCasso is trader friendly and charges low fees when trading cryptocurrencies.

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Bitcoin exchange – opinions

If you choose a safe Bitcoin exchange with low fees, check its reviews on the web. Verify that it is not on the KNF’s list of public warnings and check it in several different sources. Remember that one bad review does not undermine the Bitcoin exchange – it may be a dirty play by the competition. Also check the group of the selected exchange on Telegram.

Available payment methods on Bitcoin exchanges

You can buy digital currencies in various ways. The easiest option is to make a deposit via bank transfer. A good bitcoin exchange allows you to deposit money using a payment card. This is important because this payment method has the money in your account in minutes. At CoinCasso, we use SEPA quick payments, so you can quickly transfer money to your account. It’s really useful in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

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Additional Ways To Earn With Bitcoin Exchanges

On the Bitcoin exchanges, you can do more than just trading. You can get digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum through various types of programs and competitions. CoinCasso has an ambassadorial program, an affiliate program, and competitions for traders are regularly organized. This is the perfect way to add extra cash.

Start trading Bitcoin with CoinCasso

As you can see, the CoinCasso bitcoin exchange meets all the essential requirements for comfortable cryptocurrency trading. With us you can quickly and safely buy or sell digital currencies – not only Bitcoin. Create an account on CoinCasso today and enjoy your trading profits!

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