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Crypto trading is one of the most important processes related to the world of crypto. What is trading? How to start your adventure with cryptocurrency trading? The answers to these questions can be found in this article.

What is trading and how it works?

Crypto trading is based on exchanging one digital currency for another, buying and selling coins, and exchanging FIAT currencies for digital money. This is quite similar to forex trading, where FIAT currencies are traded for 24 hours.

The crypto world is growing. Many of the new digital assets can only be purchased through major digital currencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. In this case you will probably have to trade, especially if you want to participate in the ICO of a given coin or use blockchain companies.

In addition, the big advantage of crypto trading is that you don’t have to extract them – you miss the process, which requires a lot of time, energy or technical knowledge. You can trade on specially created exchange platforms – stock exchanges. For example CoinCasso, where interesting features such as two-component authentication or serverless technology make it a perfect place to trade your digital assets.

What is the difference between trading and investing?

Investing is about investing large sums of money for a specific, longer period. The main purpose of this activity is profit-oriented, which is to be helped by thorough analysis of risk factors and probability of income. That is why the word investment is often associated with a long and complicated process.

On the other hand, trading is an activity which is based on speculation. The main subject of these analyses are the changing prices of various investment assets in the cryptocurrency type. Unfortunately, this activity is often confused with gambling. It’s a mere vice, created by people who are negatively risk-oriented and have no specific knowledge about trading. In trading, the ability to manage risk is very important. Additionally, it is worth choosing appropriate methods of capital management to the strategy developed.

Who is a trader?

A crypto trader can be defined as a market speculator who forecasts differences in crypto data prices, focusing on their market directions. A trader should be distinguished by his awareness and knowledge. In addition, he must take into account that trading involves some risk. The trader should draw conclusions from his mistakes – this is definitely the best lesson for him.

How to learn to trade?

If you want to start trading cryptocurrency quickly, you need first of all an appropriate dose of knowledge and support from industry experts. The wrong way is to throw yourself into deep water and start trading on digital currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum without a specific preparation. So join an active community of traders. On many social networking sites there are groups with experts from the crypto industry.

One of the better options is to create an account on the Telegram and get involved on this platform, because the crypto community is huge. It is also worth regularly participating in industry events, which are more and more numerous and are organized all over the world.

There is also the Taklimakan Network platform, which connects amateur traders with experts who already have relevant experience and knowledge. The main goal of the platform is to teach the user to make their own investment decisions. It helps beginners to get over the most important trading issues.

taklimankan network

How to avoid mistakes?

If you want to start trading it is worth having a diversified wallet and spreading the risk. In this way, if one crypto loses value significantly, you may have other alternatives available. Another important factor to keep in mind is trying to analyze why the price of a particular cryptocurrency increases or decreases before trading.

Investing in a coin whose value is falling heavily and then waiting for it to rise seems to be quite a smart move. However, we never guarantee that its price will go up. The willingness to make money by buying a crypto, which is growing rapidly, can also be tempting. Nevertheless, there is a risk that there are patterns where a coin grows and then falls rapidly.

A very important issue in crypto trading is simply patience. It is always worth waiting while trading, it is a very simple clue. Additionally, check several times all the numbers you enter in your offer. The smallest typo can cause you to lose a lot of capital that you have. Accuracy in cryptocurrency trading is very important.

What to look out for?

In fact, only a few cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum have become really popular. And although they have an established position on the market, their value is still variable. Although there are some trends and patterns, it is difficult to predict how the prices of different crypto will develop.

Supporting the new currency can be extremely lucrative, but there is a chance that you may lose out if you don’t know how to do it right. It is worth following the news about cryptocurrency. You can use special sites, search for ICO information yourself or gain new knowledge about it.

At CoinCasso there is the Blockchain Academy – a special series of articles that will help you understand the world of crypto. Once you’ve made your purchase, carefully monitor any price changes – and set limits when you want to sell your crypto, reducing your losses in the event of falls and protecting your profits after a sharp rise.

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